I just had some friends do what we, as companions, hate to do.  Pets, in general; cats, dogs, birds, anything that we might call “ours”, usually have to go off on their own little journey long before we’re ready, (and when might THAT time be?).  It doesn’t matter what our “pet” might be, we’re never ready for that time.  What is that time?  Their eyes, the way they now move or actually, the way they really can’t move anymore?  What is the sign that we are looking for, to help us make that decision?  Each and every situation is unique, and can never be duplicated, their all of their own thing.

Can anybody think of more smiles, laughs, and gut-wrenching good times, than with their pet.  I happen to have a dog, have for over 20 years.  That’s only 2 dogs.  Lots of people have several in their house at one time;  my current dog, Lola, is over 13, so before too long, I’ll be looking at the same “TIME” as some friends had to.  In the meantime, though, I’ll be giving her a lot-of-love every day; just enjoying her being the little cat-in-a-dogs uniform that she is.  She only comes over for love when she wants to.  Well, the one thing that I have to make her come over is a bald head, and especially a sweaty one; when I train, watch out! We all GET our pet.  Sometime not right away.  When I got Lola, I found her running through an extremely busy intersection.  I was just running out to get her, and find a home.  Well, she got a home…. I never had a female dog before, even as a kid, the only female we had, well, let’s just say I was a little to young to know that they act a little “different”.  So when I get her, I had another dog, Brando, a male, and now you want to know about smiles?  Woop-te-do, this dog had me in stitches all day, because he REALLY did do goofy stuff; like tearing up the back seat of my Jeep, since I kept him with me all day, like getting distracted by my watch, and following the reflections of the face of my watch, little things that I’m sure that I’ve forgotten more that what I’ve remembered.

So what made me keep Lola?  She was in heat, and Brando really wanted to get his move in stride.  I took care of that right away, but the move keeps going for about a month, or so.  I’m thinking, look how well they are together, maybe I’ll just keep her, for him.  Well, as it turns out, she really only allows attention when she starts it; so about a month or so later, she went back to her little stand-offish way, and I’m thinking, “maybe she’ll go back to THAT other behavior”.  Not to be.  That’s the typical way that the Jindo operates.  After I kept her, I did a little research on the Jindo; they are a Korean dog, VERY territorial, and even though they come to you for attention, when they want, they never let you out of their site.  They always want to know where you are, and if you’re moving around.  That’s why I say she is a cat in a dogs uniform; and that’s why it took me, literally, a couple of years for me to really see her soul, because she hid it so well.  I think that’s what hits us all, when we get to that point, and finally see their souls.  Now, I say, THAT’S the dog that I’m sold on.  When we get there, NOW we know what their next action is going to be before they do, NOW we know if they are going to bark, (Jindo’s don’t bark, only when startled),  etc…and that’s when we then start following every one of THEIR moves.  The lawn gets mowed, they go out and spread out, and come in smelling like fresh green grass!  How great is that??  We start picking up on their personality, how they will be around other dogs, squirrel, cats, and how to avoid trouble.  I say that, but a (or 10 ) laugh usually come out. 

I usually have her with me.  Stop at the same park, do the same walk, or actually, wherever she wants to go, I go.  That’s when i stop and say, over 13??  So many times have I started to add the years up, and yep, they always add up to the same number.  I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been on the freeway, talking to her, and think about heading into the carpool lane, because I’M HAVING A CONVERSATION.   I don’t think that the CHP would get my logic; (does anybody??)

When I hear news about anyone, especially close friends, losing their pets, you really feel for them.  Again, when it comes down to us making that decision, what really is the decision maker.  If it’s health issues, that certainly helps us.  If it’s old age, I don’t have an answer for that one; another situation for a physical handicap.  It’s very, very tough; and I don’t think that there’s a “right” answer, or a “wrong” answer.  I might not have made “that”decision, but again, I haven’t been around to really know some one else’s pet, unless it’s my pet.  So that’s why we give them love every day, because they do that for us, all day, every day.  So yes, their part is part of our past, but the memory is always part of our future.  Kiss them, hug them, pet them, play your games with them, walk them, let them have their way, whatever it is, do it; enjoy it, dig it, and one day, they be on your memory, but with a big smile….


  • Donna Manders

    Lola = LOVE
    Loved this post Scott (needless to say).
    I’ve got family in town for the next few weeks from overseas, but, after the 17 of May, let’s get breakfast and a Lola, Maxwell, Gracie walk.

  • Donna Manders

    i’ll be avail after the 17th, and let’s dooooo it. xoxoxoxo
    let’s b in contact mid month. i’ve got family here from austria and alot going on …… lots of commuting and family stuff… look forward to chillin with you. xo

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