JOURNEY; n.  a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time.

Let’s take a look at the last part of this definition; “usually taking a rather long time”.  WOW.  To me, that’s a heavy statement!  Usually taking a rather long time, to me, means a lot of commitment, a lot of effort, and a LOT of perseverance in times of failure.  To you, what does the word “failure” mean?  Is it a one time affair?  Does it mean that you hit a wall, and that’s it?  Journey is now done???  NO!  Not even close!  Everything we do, there is some kind of failure; we just need to find our way around it.  I’m going to give you a quote from one of the greatest coach’s of all times in the NFL, Coach George Halas.  Coach Halas coached the Chicago Bears from 1933-1942, also from 1946-1955, and again from 1958-1967.  Behind his years of coaching, his “off coaching years”,  he made the NFL one of the greatest games in our sporting world.  His statement is short, simple, and direct.  This is to all of us, from a sporting game, to our souls:


Hits me deep.  No matter what our goal, or dream is, there is going to be some type of a halt, a failure, so to speak.  Here’s a visual; look at your hand, fingers spread out.  Was your plan to go the route of where your thumb heads to, or where your little finger heads to, or something in between?  It really doesn’t matter; why did you make “that” pick, and why not go a different way if a little wall is stopping you?  GIVE IT YOUR BEST!  There’s always a way to go around something, and get the same results of what you were going for.  That means commitment, effort, and sometimes, a LOT of perseverance.  That simply means, “taking a rather long time”.  This means our life!  Commit to it!  Put some effort into it!  Make your means around life’s curves, because the means is there.  The results would be the same, just a different route.  Think about it, your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be.  Don’t think that you’ve “lost time” on those curves, (perseverance); there is no short-cutting to life!  It took each and every situation the we have encountered to bring you to the NOW!  (Have you heard me say NOW a couple of hundred times?).  NOW is huge, because it is your time.  Again, this is your time!

If you want to train with me, I ask for the same thing;  give me your best!  Sometimes we don’t get the exact results that we aimed for, but in the big picture, I’ll say that you got more.  You give me your best, and your attitude will change into self-confidence.  Your attitude will change into “positive”; I mean, why think negative, there’s no progress in that area, and basically in every area in your life.  It’s empty,  and who wants to walk around with a sour face?  Smile!  That will sift your mood into a positive mode on it’s own!  I know that these words sound so elementary, but try them.  Smiling is so simple, but this one I’ll guarantee, you, and others, will feel so positive!  Give your best; that in itself will make you feel like you’re on steroids, (last blog!).

I’m sure that a lot of you have at one time or another, (I’m one of you on this), questioned yourself  on “how you are right now”.  This time frame could be right now as you read this, or ten years ago when you decided to go right, instead of going left.  I think back on my life, and NOW I understand the decision that I made 35 years ago, and why that particular decision figures into my present life, right now.  It’s amazing.  I’ve had training in my life since I was 15 years old, and had it as a business for 29 years, and that for 22-24 of those years, it wasn’t even on “my journey”.  It was my interest, but I had another journey in my head.  Speaking of “head”, I then had a brain tumor!  No matter what kind of training I had gone through, I could not control my head.  Now how about this; for 35 years I had been training myself to recover from a brain tumor!  And then a second brain tumor appears, and I have to rehab myself on that one, too.  So you see, I “gave my best” to something that wasn’t even number one on my list, but look where that training took me, after the brain tumors; a decision that I made 35 years ago that fits perfectly in my life right now!  Who thinks about that, “well if I train right now, in 35 years…..”?  So commit, give it you best, and make that journey, YOUR journey!  We’ve all lived a blessed life, give it a moment of thought, and really pat yourself on the back for all of your progressions you’ve had in your life.  Some things tag onto other things that you’ve done; that’s the BIG picture that I had mentioned earlier!  We all have had those events in our lives, and I think that is BEAUTIFUL!  That is why I happen to think that every day, really is a beautiful day.  Why wouldn’t it be?  I’ve had something happen to me, twice, that who would have ever thought would happen to me?  So I also know that it can happen a third time, and that’s why I thank each day, to make it MY DAY; I want to to enjoy each and every day, and this is for you guys, to reach back take a moment to appreciate what you’ve done, and really, REALLY, enjoy your day(s)!!!  (oh, and smile!)

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