When was the last time that you felt the euphoria that you feel after a great workout, or a great event that you couldn’t get out of your head?  Something that makes your heart explode, like it’s too much for you inside?  Something that just wants to burst out?  Like taking a steroid?  By the way, I HATE steroids, but sometimes, medically, you must take them, so that’s why I mentioned them here.  After both of my surgeries, I was given steroids, to keep my “activity” going, after coming off the “other” meds that I had to take, while I was in the hospital.  I’ll tell you what, the steroids that I took, made me understand why people are urged to take them, and keep taking them, going on “cycles” of taking them, and not wanting to stop taking them.  You feel so unstoppable.  I also couldn’t sleep when I was taking them; heart was racing, getting up at three in the morning, for SOMETHING, not knowing what that “something” was.  Go back to some of the earliest blogs, and recognize some of the times they were written.  Believe me it was early!  I was on fire@!  Was that good?  Can’t answer that; have to ask the doctors.  The feeling, though, was exhilarating!  It feels like life is at it’s peak, and you just want to keep going, and you try to tell yourself that this feeling is from an outside source, not from YOUR inside; OR IS IT?

I had that feeling this past weekend.  I’m still smiling, laughing, and inside, wanting to burst out!  By the way, this is totally me, from me and ALL me!  I’m making this comparison to a steroid; that feeling that I don’t want to stop.  I’m speaking of a cousin who came to visit, over the weekend.  I also had another cousin who was supposed to join us here in L.A., she was coming from Chicago; only problem was, that was the date that the fire was started in a sub-tower, ( Friday, 9/26/14 ), in Chicago, that wasn’t letting any flights in or out, because of the coverage being out.  Imagine that, O’Hare and Midway,  both airports in a MAJOR city, out of commission!  What would those odds be, that when we plan a get together trip for 3 people, only 2 could make it; we decided to make the weekend anyway.  I’m SO glad that we did.  We laughed, smiled, did workouts, had adult beverages, and ATE!  I mean, really ATE!  Think about this situation, you’re seeing someone that you don’t get to see all that often, and you get so excited; because that’s the decision that you made years ago, (in our case, 50 years ago!).  That was a situation where you had the opportunity to pick your friends, and we, as my family, and the families of my two cousins, picked each one of us as the people we wanted to hang out with through our whole lives.  Of course, we didn’t know that 50 years ago, but it kept developing over the years.  I think we are able to see a persons soul, and personality, the way they operate, etc…at such an early age, and we don’t even know it then!  How impressive is that, though?  That would be the same way with all of our friends who happen to be in our lives right now.  A person can be in your life for all of your years, or ten years, or ten days, or ten hours.  That’s how it was supposed to be.  They’re there for a reason, and sometimes, we don’t know that reason, for some time to come in the present, or future!  Amazing!  This is the reason that I had such a great time over the weekend, one of my greatest friends that I’ve had my whole life, ( by the way, I’m two years younger!), speaking only once in a while, finally made the decision to make a rendezvous weekend; and we had such a childish couple of days, that we called the third that couldn’t come, and made her be the planner for the next trip, and she was so excited, because of not making this trip!  This was better than any steroids!  Keeping this as a little trip that we will stay on, so to speak.

My biggest point here, is this is something that we put together, it didn’t just happen.  That’s something we ALL can do; when we know what we like, and WHO we like, make the connection and try to make something happen between all of you, or just two of you.  Sometimes money comes into it, I get that, but reaching out for some type of connection,  a letter (from the old days!), an email, a phone call, etc… can really make your day, or in my case, a week that keeps on rollin’!  I ‘m still SO happy that we made that first trip, to keep it going, for more laughter, smiling, and of course, more childish behavior!  It’s funny, you say one word that neither one of you has said for so many years, or one sentence, and you all start laughing so much that your belly starts to hurt!!! That, my friends, is the steroid that I’ll keep taking, for the rest of my life!

Enjoy the times you have with your friends, family, and to all who affect your life, tell them how you feel about them, and let them know how much they mean to you RIGHT NOW , at this moment.  It’s is truly amazing!  Keep that feeling alive!


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