Who sang this song?

Do you have a Sunday?  Do you have any day?   Do you OWN any day?  A “yes” would a fine answer to all of these, but I’ll take a yes to any one of these.  You can, and should, own a day; preferably every day.  I know, I know, weekends are “lazy” days, “relaxing” days, days to unwind.  One question, though; does that mean that we had a party-hardy on Friday or Saturday night?  That’s fine, by the way, just don’t let the hangover lead you into your day.  If you want to “relax”, do it because that’s how you want your day to be; your decision.  I know a woman who told me this morning that she wants to quit smoking, but “it’s so hard”.  It’s a tough habit, I know, but so is any routine that is part of our day.  We talked for awhile on this, and her take on quitting the smoke-in-the-lungs thing, was on the long run, like the rest of her life.  My take on it, is just give me one day; commit to yourself just one day.  That first step, (or day), is a big one, I know; but it makes you believe that you CAN do another day.  Maybe two or three days down the road, and try again, and hold to your commitment, that commitment to yourself, your “favor” to yourself, something that you know is something healthy to you; that you DID own that day!  When we prove to ourselves that we CAN own a day, (even a Sunday!), don’t you think that you can do it again, and again?  I’m betting on you, that you can; you made that decision.  That action then starts to become a little easier; you did it, you can do it again!

I’m started talking about smoking, here, because it was an earlier conversation today.  That’s just the beginning of the thought, though.  That’s also my thought on fitness.  If you’re not doing anything for yourself right now, give me on day.  Actually, you are giving YOURSELF one day, because you made that decision to make yourself feel better!  Let that sink in…YOU made that decision to feel better.  That’s huge!  The first step, on any change in your routine, is huge, and the fact that you did it, your commitment to yourself, is so gratifying.  Do it, use it, and own it.  It might be 10-15 minutes a day, but you WILL feel like you own that day, and it becomes easier to “put” that in your routine, each day.  It will lengthen out, as you go along, but start out on time limit that you can deal with.

I have a dog, a Jindo, and this weekend, I was dog sitting for a beautiful black Lab.  These guys get along so well, so I just sat and watched them play with each other all day.  I’m sure that we all know that dogs playing aggressively with each other, sometimes get rough, and the hair on the back gets a little cackled.  One little word from me, (maybe like HEYYYY), seems to calm them down, and they start playing again.  I look at that, and that’s when I realize that these guys are always in THE moment, at that time.  They don’t weigh it out, they just act that moment out; they own that moment.  Each of them, in their own way, own that moment.  That makes a lot of sense to me, to act in a moment, own that moment, and move on.  Don’t dwell on anything, just keep on truckin’.  How cool is that; my dog teaches me tricks!  I guess that all I’m saying here, is, act in your positive commitment to yourself.  Try not to let other activities (aggravation, per se?),enter your plan, your plan to own the day.  Needless aggravation is seldom worth the cost you put into it.  Put your thoughts, and actions, into you; remember, you are not costly, you’re the most important thing in your life right now.  Take that, and run!  Take step one and conquer it, and tell the world, and be proud of a very courageous act.  I’m writing a book, can you believe that?  Me, of all people?  Who would believe it; doesn’t matter to me anymore.  I hope to get it done this year, but here’s the point, I’m putting it out there; I’m taking step one.  It was a challenge when I started, but now we’re moving along, and I hope it goes well, (ya think?).  In a nutshell, I had two brain tumors, we all know that.  Knocked me off my feet for about six months, and I had to work my own rehab, (that I preached to others in my business), to get back to my balance, my stability, my strength, my flexibility.  The trials, and successes, of all of my efforts.  By the way, this is not a pat on my back; this is why I volunteer at UCLA hospital.  I go to other patients rooms, people that have had neurological surgery like I had, and include them in my story, and tell them that they could be doing what I am doing; going INTO a room, and speaking to other people who have the same story, and see my recovery.  As I said, this is not for me, but I hope to give them a belief, that they can also do this, BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!

I say this, because I want to own each day.  Big task; but I know that if I can do ONE of my efforts that day, I have, then, owned that day.  I want that for everyone out there.  I take Sunday, own it by watching my dogs, they teach me a lesson for today, and I say, YOU’RE MY SUNDAY!!!  Take that, spread out your big “step one” and own that day, and smile!

(So, who sang that song?)


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