Question; who sang this song, and when?

DRIVE: v. / to strive vigorously towards a goal or objective.

We all have had some sort of “drive’ in us, but how much?  It seems like a question that would have a simple answer, but sometimes there’s a catch.  We have all had a dream, which we should still have, by the way, but we should also be able to recognize if our little journey of life changes that dream.  By the way, that’s o.k.  Think about that dream, really put some thought into it, and then think about how much “drive” you put into it, let’s just call it effort.  It takes effort, perseverance, hope, and a little faith, to reach what you would call the”top” of goal.  I’ve said this before, but I’ll say this again, and I think we all know this: we can’t go from A to Z by tomorrow.  A-B= progress.  B-C= progress.  C-D= progress.

Let’s review the stats right now, at this stage; A-D= big jump.  Little steps, every day, makes a big jump at some point, where you really take notice.  That’s where you start to really want to keep that motivation going, or maybe even want to increase the intensity of your dream.  This goal, or”dream”, could be on a “short” run; like fitness, or taking a good look at yourself in the mirror, and say that you like yourself.  That ( the mirror, saying, “that’s you!) could be an enormous, goal right there, accepting the fact that you HAVE done good deeds, honor that!  We have to recognize when we are happy with ourselves, and what we have done, (sometimes for other people), and stay in the moment, so we can feel that happiness, and recreate it on our “down” days.  We ALL have had those days, also.  Let’s go back to fitness.  You’ve done a HUGE thing, by starting some sort of a fitness regime; that’s definitely a big “A”.  That B will come along, for some it’s right away, for others, it’s comes a little later than they expected.  You have started with a big “A”, so that is already progress.  B will come, but did we start on fitness for the vanity (short run), or for the fountain of youth experience of feeling good, and functional, for the rest of your life.  See, now we are on the “long” term goal.  Some goals look to be on the “short” run, but sometimes they turn into the rest of our lives (“long”runs).  Listen, I’ve been there, a few times.  Sometimes, the result of your goal is nowhere near what you thought it might be, but that’s the joy!  You’ve reached something that maybe you had never thought of before, and that could be happy, different, “oh, this is something that makes me happy” mode; this could on and on, but think about it; life is going to make a few turns, so turn the wheel!  Accept that, it could be an adventuress ride!  The point here, is to accept things as they are.  Sometimes we want things, but only given what we need; what’s wrong with that?  To have what you need can be so strong in recognizing you’re strengths, and then steering that wheel into your strengths, can allow you to see your progress from A-D!!!  It’s amazing, to be good to yourself, and see yourselves  on a roll.

DRIVE: v. t./ To send, expel or otherwise cause to move by force or compulsion.

You have to do this; it doesn’t happen by itself.  You can do this in so many ways; nothing has to be “by yourself”!  Remember that!  I can’t tell you enough about that.  I have found out that more your converse to others about you goal; to your support group, or support person, or family, whoever your support “team” is, inspires you, because THEY inspire you.  Every thing that we do becomes so much easier, or should we say, more “doable” when others are involved; and who could be more involved than those who you love, and trust, with your feelings.  They are your support, because they WANT to be, not just to give you a pat on the back, and say “well done”.  No, they want you you to succeed, because THEY then, feel good about themselves, trust me on this.  I’ve been through a few, and to be honest with you, it certainly took me a while to submit my feelings to others; and finally, when I did, it was so exciting, because MY feeling was, “that was so easy, why hadn’t I done that long ago!”.  Little changes in our behavior can affect us, inside and outside, to our dreams.  Stay open, listen, be observant, and let something sink in, and you might find that one phrase, one WORD might have changed the way you look at things, and that, my friend, is PROGRESS.  You remember that word?  I will give you one more word to analyze: (That will make your day!).     THINK: BEFORE YOU SPEAK, THINK

T= Is it True ?

H= Is it Helpful?

I=Is it Inspiring?

N= Is it Necessary?

K= Is it kind?

Think about this word, these words don’t just come out of your mouth, they go into someones ear.  They hear you, and sometimes they hear different, from what you intended to say.  It is just a word, but use it with good intentions, and again, trust me on this, it might change the way you want to “drive” your goal.

Have fun, Think nicely, and who wrote that song????









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