After yesterday’s television programming, (9/11/11), how do you feel?The reason that I ask, is that I don’t know how I feel.  On some levels, I feel safe, on others, not even close to safety.  Yesterday, I started watching television at 6:30 a.m., an hour before going to church, at 7:30.  I’ve been keeping up with stories from various people for the month that they’ve been running interviews, stories, videos, whatever else, possibly more.  Talk about some stuff that will keep you running!  Every time people start telling me how great I did coming back from the surguries, and then I see all of the actions that came from New York, I feel like I did NOTHING.  What some of these people did, and obviously, a lot of these kind souls died; they just did what they do, their jobs.  It makes you think, would I have walked away, or stayed and did what they did.  I don’t know.  What I do know, though, is that I admire so many people, for what they did; and for the next 10 years, several individuals who started something, most non-profit, and who NOW, contribute to our so-called society.

Almost 3,000 people died.  As an act of agression, and terror.  See, I said it, terror.  But it’s done.  It’s done.  How many times have someone said to you, the saying, ” there’s a reason behind everything”.  Can you say something about this that makes sense, that 3,000 people dying makes sense?  Let’s go back to a LOT of everything that a LOT of people are doing now, and what they were doing back then.  They’re doing something, something that they were driven to.  Do you think that they were thinking about an organization, whether non-profit or not, before all of this happened?  Probably not; but now they have baseball fields, and memorials, and parks named after them, from someone who felt the need that this is what the person in their life would want.  Does it make sense?  In so many ways, I would have to say, “of course”, but some times, I have a question mark.  I think that’s  normal, I mean we’re talking about big stakes here!  I guess the purpose of something, that means so much to a WHOLE lot of people, I guess stakes have to be big.  This is where the word TRUST has to be applied.  What happened with that plane, why did it go down, why did my loved one have to be on it??  Can you imagine being in the WTC, and it being so hot, so now, you know that you cannot get past the fire; there’s a good chance, you are going to die.  There’s so much that goes into this, in EACH moment.  You know how I always talk about live in THIS moment, because we DON’T  know what our next moment is, what is it leading us to?  Think about that, I really believe that we’re so “lazy” in our thinking, we actually go ahead in our lives without thinking, “what if…”.  Things happen, lives change, but also realize, even though this came about from dramatic, terrorism; there are some phenominal actions that have taken place.  Even though I saw what was on the Internet, can you imagine all the OTHER things that we don’t know about?  It’s amazing.

It becomes very interesting, how people just “go ahead” with their future.  I’m not selling the point to you, but I do think that we ALL should try to put our own future on our own mind, at some point.  Don’t think that everything will be fine, if we try to go the “right” way.  What happened to me, then!!  I thought that I did the right thing, but WHOAAA, now I have a baseball in my head, and it needs to come out NOW!  Oh, do you know what else, I also had another one that also needed to come out, now!  Now, by the time that we got to that point in my time frame, I was ready for all this, simply because I didn’t have any other choice.  I am now dealing with this point, in my life.  No one is going to make another “choice” for me, this is what I have to do.  This is not, by the way, a big deal; it’s just what I have to do, so let’s just move forward.

I know that I’m all over the place with my thinking throughout, but it’s been an emotional place when I see what others have done, and they say what depression they’ve been through, but God Bless Them, and what they’ve done.  So have that on your mind, at least sometime!  Try to help yourself, go to where you know you can help others, or at least ONE other person.  It would be good, if you keep a nice, POSITIVE, thought going.  Little things starts to go a long way.  Keep smiling, everybody likes that, especially you!

The more that you think on a positive note, the more positive you act, and boy, do people like that!  We never know if today, or tomorrow, or next week, or ten years from now is our time, so really, really, enjoy today, right now!

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