Did you ever think about what your favorite day would be like?  How about your favorite night?  Your favorite destination?  How about your favorite….?  How about the fact that it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re happy?  It’s so funny, we all dream up where we want to go, what we want to do, the city, the country, the restaurents,(now that one, I got more than a FEW!).  It’s all how you put it in your mind, if you think about it. 

As you know, my brother started, and then we all put in a little bit of energy to help for a  golf tournament to be played at a  in Las Vegas.  It was SO nice.  The weather was perfect, below some mountains, and the lunch was so nice.  It really was a perfect day.  We did want some people who, basically didn’t show up, but really, that would be to their disappointment, because it was such a GREAT day; I almost want to be a golfer!!  Really, a great day.  Michael, Ron, Richard, and Larry went out there, and just wacked the crap out of the ball, and took in first place.  My surgeon, Dr. Isaac Yang, who’s research all of these proceeds will go towards, ( oh, and by the way, will try to tell you that he’s no good at golfing, he’s tring to hog wash you in, he’s good!) stayed the weekend in Vegas, and golfed with another great golfer, Bob, and Mary.  I did meet everyone else, talked and took pictures, and had a great time.  Sometimes, you want your day as perfect as you planned it, but really,if you think about it, how many events have you been to, and had everything go directly as planned, on paper, and in the sequence that it should be?  If ya got some stories, tell me about it, because I’ve thrown a few functions, had a few things go unplanned, or maybe underplanned, and no one knew.  So forget about those who want to hear the stories and didn’t show, we had a great time!

It’s  so funny, when I was going around, talking to everyone; I would talk to them right hear and now, then go on to speak to some other people, and later on I’d come back and see the first people again.  I’d always ask them if they found their “stroke”, or got on a good streak, or something like that.  I asked Jessica that question, and she said that she thought she had it.  I said, “cool”, maybe I’ll just watch the next drive…well, let’s just say she didn’t have THAT  hole, but I’ll tell ya, I wouldn’t have been able to say she didn’t have IT!  I’m just giving her a hard time; that’s just it, everybody was in it, just to be in it, whether good or not so good golfer.  The lodge was nice, the people who worked from the lodge was so nice, a lot of fun.  So the next time you want to golf when you’re in Vegas, go to Silverstone Golf Course, very nice place.

So at one time, I was asked if I would be interested in speaking at the Visionary Ball, this October 6, at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel.  I thought it would be pretty cool, so of course I said yes of course.  As it turns out, I won’t bespeaking; another gal will be, who had the same surgery that I did.  As I first found out, I had that “let down” feeling, but for only a second.  Am I going to feel “let down” because I didn’t hold up?  NO.   I thought, hear’s someone who went through what I went through.  Felt what I felt, and probably had to work herself back into shape, the same way that I did.  I can’t WAIT to meet her!  She will be performing a dance at the end of the show, again, I can’t waitto meet her.  See, sometimes it’s all how it sits in your brain, or in my case, half-brain.  I just love to watch others and how they succeed, or even if they don’t “succeed”, how their effort in attempting something means everything to me.  Somehow, it just brings this real world down to our level, to our operating level.  I just say rock on, let it roll, baby!

You know, I also had people step up without having intent on showing up.  I mean people from out of state, or some who said they couldn’t make it, but take my donation, it’s for the good of the research.  How cool is that?  So, you see, it all works out.  This coming year, we might have a few of these, or maybe more.  It only takes one of these to get it all running.  I’m very excited about what’s coming up this year, and I don’t have any idea what that means!  We have plans, but we still have to plan, and then do!  Boy, I really don’t have a brain… but one way or another, we’ll get some good stuff on the road.  Hey, what if we get Chicago, and Nashville, and Vegas, and L.A., and wherever else, we’re going to do all this.

I have to tell you, I’m so happy to be on the working/volunteer stage at UCLA.  No matter what you do, you are SO appreciated by the managment.  I can only give them what I can can give them,  and I think that they get that.  I hope that sooner or later, I’ll  get their system in my blood, and we can just keep going!  I think that everyone appreciates where they get “another” chance; I got that, and for everyone, there’s always another chance out there, no matter how things are right now, good or bad.  Just know trust, and that it will always come through, just TRUST it.  Somehow just trust, and really believing in it, makes it right.  Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t “come” through, that fact that you’re believing in something that strong, makes it right!  Always believe!  You will smile, by the way!

Enjoy life, every day, every moment!  You will be the one that they are waiting for…enjoy!

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