O.k., how many ski days, (water or snow), when you just go, I just WANT more of this day!  Went up to Lake Pyramind to go water skiing, and knee boarding, but since we didn’t have the board, it just became skiing.  It was about 100 degrees, but no wind; that lake was so like glass, all through the day.  Such a great day!

As I was driving up to the lake, about 60 miles, traffic eased up as I got out of LA.  Then you notice the beatiful terrain, and you really just settle in.  Oh sure, I have this to do, then I have that to do, then I …. just DRIVE, all of that stuff will all be there tomorrow, (and it will be).  Then you notice the weather, how nice it is, and of course, it’s early morning!  Then you get there, and now this is after schools have already started, so there’ s only 4-5 cars in the lot that holds 70,80,90 or so.  NO ONE is there, the water is glass, and it’s hot!  You really can’t believe it.  You just say, “WOW”.

Once we get in the water, you can’t believe how warm the water is.  This is really great.  Take a cruise around the lake, since there is no one to pressure you to get right in the water.  It’s so pretty, and you start to feel like, “I need to get in the water right here, right now!”  So it just feels great!Your first run, you just wish you had more steam, to keep going, but you know it will be a long morning, so, somebody else gets to go. 

So everybody gets to go a few times, and then it’s break time.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  It’s just Wednesday, September 7, 2011, who has ANYTHING better to do?  The complete day just keeps adding up to “what other things would I really rather be doing?!  NOTHING ELSE!”  It was a great day.  Did I say that before?  So we took a break, and of course I had my favorite sandwich;  peanut butter, and banana on a whole wheat English Muffin, with figs, and a peach.  That’s my meal, and boy, was I sticking to it.  Loved it.  Hung out for awhile, then back in the water, a few more ski times.  I have a feeling that the legs might be a little sore tomorrow, but really, who cares?

Even if it’s a not so good day; it’s still a pretty darn good day, riding around in a boat on a great looking lake.  That was last week.  Even though the skiing was off; wind was high, and so was the water; it was, again, a very pretty day.  Can’t complain about things like that.  It just reminds you of how lucky we are, to experience things like that.  We can’t just move on with life, we have too, at some point, give some sort of thanks, however it feels right to us. 

I’m sure that there’s a lot of things that, in the past, we just moved on.  Not now;  everything, and I mean everything, I try to surround myself with positive thoughts, and thankfullness.  It makes a difference.  It makes a difference on what I take for granted, and what NOT t take for granted.  Once it starts to accompany you all day, you really start to take everything in.  And that’s a good thing; for me it is, anyway.  If we hadn’t discussed it earlier, this is all from my perspective, from all of my history; so if it’s not you, that’s o.k., too.  We’re all different, but if we can start bringing in some really cool stuff in our lives, why not??

Kinda short today, but I have to remind myself of how great great it is, to have a wonderful day.  I’ll bet that we all did, in one way or another, just recognize it.  There will be something in everyone’s day, in words or in action, that should stay in ones memory.  There’s always something!  Trust that.  Now I can’t wait until tomorrow’s “thing” comes up.


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