WOW!  AGAIN, WOW!  What  a life.  I’m telling you, we ALL can say that, and should, but do we?  That’s the point here; I think that we all feel this at some point, recognize it and enjoy!  I just had my folks visit for a week.  Guess what we did?  Absolutely nothing, but relax.  I think they enjoyed it as much as I did, because every time that I took a nap, ( as we mentioned before, I take a few a day, since I don’t sleep due to these steroids that I have to keep taking, but my last week is right now, by the way!), they did a a nap, and loved it!  Kept talking about it, say they don’t do it at home since they’re retired!  We laughed a little at that;  do the nap!  It’s a beautiful thing.  The point is, doing not a lot, and realizing how o.k. that can be to us; so do that you guys, find something that you like, relaxes you, and allow yourself a little time to enjoy, and express to others, “Man, what a great day that I did …..nothing!”.

Let’s go back to how a great day starts; food.  No matter if I get a “normal” nights sleep, or my steroids nights of getting up and writing a 2:30, it’s always about food with me, and should be with everyone.  I know, I know, I talk about MY food intake.  I should, because it’s important to me and how I feel; and maybe a little bit might apply to others, because in all honesty, I try to keep it very simple; I’m hungry, I want to eat NOW.  Then I’m satisfied.  So let’s try to go with that, and see how we all might do a little thing called “breakfast”, make it fast and tasty, and see if you can go this route.

Oatmeal.  How many times have you had this mentioned to you, and how good it is for you, and how “simple ” it got with instant, but how boring it is by itself?  First of all, it is the best breakfast, but it does demand a few things, that take NO more time when you make it, and these little extra items make it so GOOD, that you say, why have I not done this not before?  Doesn’t matter, now you got it, KEEP IT GOING,  sound familiar??  Here’s what I do:  O.K. the big Oatmeal recipe!  I make it.  How cool is that, I make some great oatmeal.  Ohh, that’s right, here’s what happens.

When you boil the water initially, throw a banana, and me , I love blueberries, which are so healthful for you, (that we’ll get back to in a moment) , so that these two things starts to dilute in the boiling water.  If you think about, this now sweetened water, starts to seep into the oatmeal, so it’s already sweet when the water is drawn in and done; no brown suger, or any of the other sweetners that have been researched to possibly cause cancer, or other illiness, and yet people STILL use them on their on account, DON’T!  You don’t need to when you make something like this.  So here’s what else I do.  Did anyone NOT find out that cinnamon has a huge push towards pushing away cancer. O.k., o.k,  I’m not sitting here, trying to say one little thing pushes away cancer, and let it go at that, but when one research report, and then another, and so on, keeps going, ya kind of look into it, and find out that 10-15 shakes of cinnamon really makes that oatmeal, with bananas and bluberries already blended in, taste really great.  Oh, yea, I forgot to tell you how great almonds are.  As you go through a grocery store, you’ll notice that there’s an Almond Milk.  Very nutritious, and comes in another flavor if you need that; so maybe we try that.  But here’s the easy part, I buy almonds, big bag from Costco, and grind them down in a coffee bean grinder, then put a couple of teaspoons into that grand bowel of OATMEAL, that we’ve been talking about here for awhile, and make it grander( is that a word, gran….?).  So look what you’ve done here now, that takes literally no extra time, than throwing oatmeal into boiling water.  Diluted bananas, blueberries, almonds, cinnamon, and really, anything else that YOUR taste likes.  This is what I like, been doing it for, I don’t know, 20-25 years.  Every once in a while you do something different, and you should, that should be part of our diet.  Stay strict 75%-80%, and go off, whether it’s for variety, of you just want to go bad,( in which case, you will WANT to get back to the oatmeal),  but that so called diet will always be calling at you, and of course, you’ll be calling back!

The big point here, is it takes no time.  This is the same as that so called instant oatmeal, which contains so much crap in it, that I definitely tell you, NO, on that.  No reason, too.  We’ve talked of how I make my juice every morning, well the oatmeal just does it own thing, and cooks while I make my juice.  I just put it all together at the end, and I say what a beautiful morning.  Energy, yes.  Now are you up?  it’s great stuff, give it a whirl! 

Maybe when I start talking about things that sound a little different, it might be, to you.  If you want to give it a try, which is why I do mention it, give yourself 4 weeks.  Every thing takes a few days for you to get into a rhythem of doing, but you do, and then find that things really don’t take that much more time of your day.  And by the way, what is more “time of your day”, than something which is healthy, gives you great energy, and has lasting effects that kick into your future as to helping you STAY healthy, per all of testing and research being.  And I’ll stop there on the research, we all have different opinions on that.  Just take what I know, from experience, ( and taste!), and make it your own, and woop-ti-do, here comes a smile, on your face!!  And of course, on mine, ’cause this is what beats my heart out of my chest, when maybe just one other person gives it a whirl, and says, I’M IN !!

I’m with you all the way.  As I’ve mentioned before, questions, concerns, whatever; leave a reply; go to my website and contact me from there: www.playapersonaltraining.com  whatever hits you with concerns.  Here’s what’s funny, I was going to write something else, what a half-mind!  Bear with me, and we all just keep on going!  How much fun can we have?  Who knows, let’s just keep going!


  • Donna Manders

    Guess what I’m having for dinner Scott? I love my oatmeal…and I mix in a little plain n/f greek yogurt and cinnamon…. YUMMERS. xoxoxoxoxo sounds like such a great visit with your family. big hugs to Lola and you and we’ll get that walk thing together very soon. donna

  • Wanda

    I love oatmeal, always had it with just a little butter, and a little salt when I was growing up! Now……oatmeal with banana, blueberry, cinnamon, and almonds sounds so yummy!!!

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