Awwww, isn’t this time of the year wonderful.  It’s the end of 2015, the beginning of 2016, and the making of a new commitment, for the new year; or so it seems.  The question arises in my brain, ” Why wait?”, for the new year, and why does it have to be a “new commitment”?  Why not make your “commitment” a part of your life?  Of course, I’m always raising this question for the fitness program that should be in everyone’s routine; but let’s put this in your thinking process, in your actions, in your compassion towards other people, also in your patience with others.  I’m using this phrase in the action of giving; isn’t this the “giving season”?  Think about it; your commitment to an action is actually a commitment to yourself.  Giving a smile to someone will actually make butterflies flutter in your belly!  Saying hello to a stranger will put  a smile on YOUR face!  Giving up your seat to someone else in a crowded environment, will seem like “pushing it forward” to those who witness that action.  As you can see, these are all small, almost non-describable actions, but it comes from your heart, your compassion, and it then becomes you, part of your personality.  No one can punch that out of you, because you are just being you!  That is your part of your commitment that ends up coming back to you, in a very gratifying way.  So, what do you think, could this be  “appreciating the new life”???

When we start making these small changes in our way of life, we really do see how one of our actions can affect another person, and how it then, affects us.  This is all about our “commitments” that we make, and we can see the progress of how simple “commitments”  can be made, and how it can affect our personality.  Let’s take this back to fitness, making a commitment to do something SIMPLE, for yourself.  Does this mean taking a walk around the block, or sitting for 10 minutes alone, letting your mind go free, (remember, this is YOUR time, so make it known to your family;  please, give me MY time, my 10 minutes).  This is your commitment, and it could be so simple, so easy.  If your time frame is honestly 15 minutes, I can give you ideas on some multiple muscle movements, that you’ll not want to do 16 minutes!  By the way, this could be humorous, or not; it really depends on what motivates you.  If smiling at someone makes you tingle inside, because it’s now part of you, then engage in that as often as you can, because you will fill better on the inside, and that feeling could be a better feeling than any other commitment you’ve made in the past, a commitment that really didn’t motivate you.

My commitment to myself is to try to help someone every day.  Wow, big deal!  But to me, it is!  It could be “that smile”, or putting their garbage can back in it’s place after the garbage truck put it in an obstructive path, or speaking with my 90 year old neighbor who just wants to say hi, and maybe keeps you there, because she likes company and doesn’t see too many people, or try to push myself in my workout to find out my extremes.  It doesn’t matter what action that I take, these are things that motivate me; and that is the secrete,  to find out what motivates you.  If your able to do that, then you are not abiding to the “commitment”, you’re living your life because what you’re doing is helping you, because you are doing what motivates you; it’s just that simple.  Try doing that, appreciating the new life, it will make a big difference in how things are perceived in your world!  It really comes down to your kindness to others, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your warm greeting, (am I being a softie here?!), no one would know what you’re doing for yourself, and that’s the way it should  be.  It does catch on with others, (ie, giving someone your seat).

I would like to offer all of you, a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year; help others out, make your insides tingle because of this action, and do something that motivates you, because then you WILL feel great!  Put some fitness in your life, something easy and comfortable, and then we can talk/text/email on how we can share progress for your effort on all of this.



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