When is the last time that you spoke to people, that you haven’t spoken to in 30 years, (or maybe more)?  I spoke in a blog earlier, maybe around May of 2011, of re-acquainting with an old friend, Jr.  Those were days, probably since 1981, since we last spoke.  Just days of, (when you’re 21 years old) going your own way, (Los Angeles, woop-tee-doo!).  When you’re that age, EVERYTHING seems to be the right way to do things!  So going so long seems, without speaking, seemed at the time to be the right way to do things.  So what was the reason that we DID start to speak?  Due to my medical history, that seemed to be the thing that got the ball rolling.  When we got on the phone the first time, (like 2 seconds) it was right back to where we ended up, lots of  laughter.  So once we put in a set up date together, it became lots of beer drinking, but even more laughter.  We left it as, “we have to get something together with a few other knuckleheads”, ’cause we had a blast that first time!  So we did, set something up for this past weekend:  Phoenix with Pat, Jr., and Mouse, who lived out in the same neighborhood to where Jr.’s house was.  Mouse, I haven’t spoken to each other since high school.  When we got there, on Thursday, Mouse was there, with a lot of his grubs for us to eat, he’s the pizza guy out there, so we ate, and ate, and drank, and had cigars.  So here’s the question, what’s wrong with that?  Absolutely nothing!!  It was a great first night, stayed up until 1:30 that night.  Remember, I go to bed at 8:30-9:00.  But 1:30??  But I actually felt pretty good in the morning.  Funny what friends, and a lot of laughter will do for you.  Research has shown what a lot of laughter will do, for any reason, and it did!  Made me feel great.  The next day, breakfast at a great diner, (well, some people would call a diner grubby food, but I LOVE  ’em), then on to the  grocery store, we figured we’d have a BBQ at some point.  Basically, all we did was lounge around the pool, and have adult beverages.  All day, all night.  Time to eat, what should we do?  Of course, go out; who wants to cook NOW?  Great meal, lots of drinks, and then you go back and have additional beverages.  Great day, and night. 

Pat’s sister lives out there, too.  He hadn’t seen her for a long time, so we went out there for a visit.  Great visit; they had a great house, had a great BBQ, so that ruled out Saturday night BBQ that we had planned.  What should we do; why not have some great rib-eye for Sunday morning breakfast?  The funny thing is, that’s the first thing out of everyone’s mouth; the truth is when the guys told their wives that, and that would be our breakfast, let’s just say that their response was not our response.  Funny how that works!  After we got back to the house, Jr.’s neighbor, Ray, came over for a few drinks, and brought a bunch of cigars!  Again, 1:30 for bed.  Ohhh, I need sleep!  It was great, though, that whole day, and night.  That time that we we’re there, the weather was unbelievable.  No wind, high 90’s , but the nights, WOW!  Let’s just say, a lot of stars, almost full moon, it was beautiful.  Night time swimming, beautiful.

The whole time we we’re there, the roads were in perfect shape.  Now, I’m not here to report road conditions, but when you’re driving down the freeway, and all you notice are roads that have no litter, no weeds, no automotive parts laying around; let’s just say it’s impressive.  Let’s give it to Arizona!  So our last day, Sunday, was a great breakfast, and saw a lot of football, ( saw the baseball game, and the Bears game at the airport).  We all wanted to go to the airport at the same time, so I had to go to the airport about 3 hrs. ahead of flight time, but that was just as if I was sitting at home; slouching back and watching football.  No drinking on that day; I can only do that for a few days.  If I can remember correctly, I wasn’t the only one; I believe everyone was in the same boat!

We’ve already been talking about a repeat.  It’s funny, no one has changed, personalities are all the same.  It’s funny, you just fall right back into 30-35 years ago.  Some stories that come out?!  I’m glad that the boys remember them, ’cause I didn’t; I remember that the stories like a little glimpse, but that’s about it.  The thing about this group, we all went to college to.  More stories!  The college stories ties in a lot of Chicago boys; and those guys, how did they even make it into college, ( probably the same as me, I mean, I wasn’t really a shining student!).  This was  really a lot of fun,  We’ve all known each other for a LOT of years; so all of this meant let your hair down,( if you have any), and you can’t try to act any different that you are, ’cause if you try that game, ohhh let’s just say we’ll make you feel like a whole lot of dog poop!  That’s the whole game;  you’re just you, you’re always just you.  Isn’t that the point, to always be you?  We don’t want anyone else.  I feel pretty damn lucky, to have friends willing to plan nothing, do anything as it comes along, and just enjoy it all.  As it all comes around, life is short;  enjoy these short, but important gatherings.  Couple other people we’d like to have get involved, maybe that will happen; but in the meantime, we will continue to have more of these gatherings, have a few more cigars, and possibly have a few more adult beverages.  Now that, my friends, is what life is about….fun in Phoenix!!!

The only thing left, is for YOU to go out and make this same thing happen, it’s special….

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