I’ve often thought of every friend that has come along my way, in one way or another.  It’s amazing how many there are, and I’m not even thinking of numbers; it’s all about the people, and their hearts and what they have inside their bones.  You don’t know how many times I just shake my half-brain head, and acknowledge how lucky I am; because I JUST am.  So many things have come my way, from other people giving, and many times me not knowing what was going on, and by the way, still happening in some ways.

Maybe I’ll go out on a limb, and actually try to name everyone who has touched my life, in one way or another.  The only problem with this, is with my memory, well, most of you know THAT story, so if I leave a name or two off, every one is fresh in my current memory.

Roger, Michael, Ron, Paul Bob,Mary, Christina, Joe, Ghinna, Tracie, Brian, of course my folks, Joe and Venie, Mike, Richard, Mark, Chickie, Snuzen, Mia, Steve, Cheryl, Lenny, Lola, David, Ken, Scott, Paully, Lisa, Larry, Rick, Mo, Kristie, John, Ryan, Anthoney, Bobby, Michelle, Bobby, Teddy, Natasha, Tim, Tracy, Traci, Jimmy, SoCal, Fenway, Judy, Julie, Boots Pat, mary Donna Rosemary, Jack, Mattie, Marcy, Lynne, Pierre, Kandy, D.J., Douglass, Nora, Adam, Ahuva, Alan, Amy, Andrew,Angela, Ann Marie, Bart, Benny, Jake Karen, T-man, Big Guy, Bonny, Brad, Brandon, Brian, Bill, Bryon,Charlie, Chris, Chuck, Clarice, Coach, Colleen, Cortez, Dana, Darren, Diana, Dodie, Donna, so MANY Dr.s, Earl, Ellen, Elvia, Eric, Erin, Farley, Franny, Giggles( yes, we call her that!), Ginny, Walt, Heather, Holly, Dorothy, Rich, Rosann,Mike, Julie, Tom Molly, Bruce, Allison, Brad, Matt, Kelly,  Harold, Hercules, JJ, James, Jan, Jason,Jeff, Jen, Jerome, Jim, Jimmer, Jodi, john, King Richard, Jon, Val, Jonathon, Junior, Keith, Kenny, Kimi,David, Laura, Midget, Lil Jackie, Lily, Lynda, Mary Kay, Mervyn, Mindy, Thumper, Mona, Natalie, Patty Cake, Q, Ringo, Robyn, Russ, Sally, S2, Sammy, Stacy, Steve, Susan, Tami, Theresa, Tim, Tom, Toto, Trent, Yoyie, Wanda, Vickki, V, Val, Varisann, I don’t know, so many more, and I’ve used one name to be several people, who can really tell??  At this point, I don’t know where I’m going with this, so here we go!! 

But wait, I never thought about high school, college,  Sherri, Terri, oh my goodness- old relationships( and who would do THAT?), Lisa, o.k., I’ll stop.  You get the picture, so many people in my life, that have literally helped me be here today.  Two people settled with the hospital, the first surgery; because money entered into the picture; at the time, I knew nothing about all of this.  They kept me in the greatest hospital in this part of the country, and my surgeon happens to be in the top five in the country to do what he did to me.  How does this happen, when I don’t know what the h#$%ll is going on.  I’m dealing with a baseball sized tumor on my brain, who cares about the hospital?  Well, somebody does,  and God blessed me with them.  Then we come out of all of that, the surgery, recovery, and now it’s time to go home, which is where I say?  Somewhere.  I go to some friends house, 2 months.  They feed me, just take care of me while I take myself through rehab.  While this is going on, my dog, Lola, is staying with another family, with their on 3 dogs; I mean, come on, this is incredible!  So then it’s time for me to go home, and My place has been painted, new appliances, carpet cleaned, all done by friends, old and new friends, some old friends who haven’t been around for awhile, who now just “pop up , and now their working along with some people,  some who haven’t met before.  Try that one on for size!  I could keep going, because the situations keep coming, but you get the picture, I’ve been truly blessed, and yes, you can shake your head, I do the same thing.  (sometimes a few times!!).

Same things happened for the second cut; it came up so fast.  People jumped.  You know how I started this blog site?  As I said people jumped, so to speak, and when everyone started to soft soak what was going to happen, I absolutely knew that everything would be alright, and I would say that.  My friend Michael said, I have that we site, and I’m like, “what are you talking about”?  He said,” I have www.EverythingIsGoingToBeAlright.com.  Why don’t you take it, do whatever you want, write, blog, picture, it’s yours, have fun.  How about that?  I’m having the time of my life here!  All from friends, unbelievable.

I think, though, that the one thing that we can all count on, is change.  I can attest to that.  Things happen in people lives; some don’t want to address this, but that’s o.k., too.  I guess what I can tell you, is the word “normal”, is not in my vocabulary anymore.  How could it be?  I mean, what does that word mean, in our funtional world, I haven’t a clue; and I don’t mind saying that, because I really don’t know,  and I think that doesn’t register with some  friends.  By the way, what I’ve had with my friends, and what I’ve felt, and what I would do, ( which would be just about anything), for everyone mentioned, this will never change, my feelings towards them.  There have been changes with some; and I have  to be careful here, because I think some personalities have a hard time with changes.  It’s tough, I know change; it’s my life, I don’t have a choice, and to be honest, I embrace it.  I have been introduced to strangers, due to some of these blogs, or my website info; who have situations that simulate mine, and it’s essential to have a support group, and if that is what all of this brings, then I say bring it on.  If I can be somewhat successful with myself and my physical comeback, why not pass it on; and that also means the emtional rollercoaster that happens with some things that a person might experience.  So o.k., bring it all on; I’m definitely the first to say that my interpretation is nothing but my own, what actions has worked for me.  Is it the “right” answer?  Don’t know, but it is MY right answer, and if that is a little bit of help for someone else, take it, see if it helps. 

There have been communications about trying to schedule a few get togethers, and again, I understand when times change.  I think that has happened with a few, and always know, that whatever is needed for a continued relationship, I’m there, trust me.  I might not be the old “before the-cut personality” but I still have a lot of affection for some old friends, so I’m still here for a lot of people, most importantly, the people I love the most, who I owe so much to, and really don’t know how I can ever repay for what I do owe.  I do hope we can start spending a little more time in our moments, in our lives, together.  We used too; and that time, it was what brought me back, in a lot of ways, especially emotionally.  Any way it goes, I’m convinced that that’s the way it’s supposed to be, and I certainly can accept how it is, now.  But always understand, I’m here, all the time, for those who might need a lending ear, or hand, or half-mind…. I’m here.  I will always be HERE, right now, in this moment.


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