Recently I saw a song video, (maybe someone could name the artist?),  called “Don’t Give Up”.  I think that about that title, because it hit me so hard.  Why wouldn’t it?  Forget my history; what about athletes, entertainers, non-profit organizations, fundraising functions, etc… any one thing or person, who happens to want to help something, someone, or himself/herself?  It literally means, “DON’T GIVE UP”!  That says plenty.

When the new year rolled around, didn’t most of us set a goal, or “make a resolution”?  I hope that we haven’t given up on that goal.  A goal, or “change” as I like to call it, is something that we need to persevere on, we CAN’T quit!  No person was promised a rose garden, we have to put forth a little effort to make that change.  One of the greatest fullbacks in NFL history, (not for his physical ability, but for his heart), was Brian Piccolo, who played for the Chicago Bears, with Gayle Sayers from 1965-1969.  He said, ” You can’t quit, it’s a league rule!”.  Brian, in the prime of his life as he was playing football for the Bears, for a short time, was diagnosed with embryonal cell carcinoma, an aggresive form of germ cell testicular cancer.  Back then, the technology wasn’t what it is today, and he knew he was dying, said, “You can’t quit…it’s against the rules”.  Do you think that he had no concept of the word “quit”?  By the way, he wasn’t even drafted, he had to make the team on his own, coming out of Wake Forest in 1965.


Now, here’s a undersized fullback, 6 ft., 206 lbs, who only played in the NFL for 4 years, but everyone knew him, opposition and all.  He died in 1970.  That was such an impact to most who knew him, that schools were set up under his name; that’s what he meant by never giving up.


In 1972, the Brian Piccolo Middle School 53 opened in Queens, New York, because he NEVER GAVE UP.  In 1973 in the west side of Chicago, Orr Middle School was named the Brian Piccolo Specialty School. Why; he never gave up!  I won’t write the stories that came out of his month the last year of his life, but it was always about LIVING, and NOT giving up.


In 1980, at Brian’s college, Wake Forest, established the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund Drive, for all the funds raised to go to Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University.  In Fort Lauderdale, the St. Thomas Aquinas High School Stadium is named after him, and at the end of every football game, the school’s marching band plays “The Hands of Time”, the theme from “BRIAN’S SONG”, a song that you have all heard, whether you know it or not.


In 1972, the Atlantic Coast Conference has awarded the Brian Piccolo Award for the conference’s “Most Courageous Player”, because those players who received that award, Neither should you, on any given level.never gave up, at any point. Neither should you, on any given level.  I’ve written a little info for you on Brian Piccolo, probably because he was one of my idles growing up,  He made such an impact for my goals; and this is after ONLY 4 years in the NFL!

Not that I believe in ‘info-mercials” but think about the writing in all of them, (I’m speaking of the physical fitness commercials), they are all about not giving up, even if the claim of their product is false, or at least, not on a level playing field, so to speak!


Have I written that phrase enough?  Here’s an idea, maybe a little elementary, but an effective one.  Write on a business sized card: DON’T GIVE UP.  Then stick that card in your wallet, or even your pocket, or in the underside of your mobile phone protective cover.  Last thing, and easiest thing to do, is to pull it out at least once each day, or 5 times, or 10 times per day; something that keeps you thinking about your goal, about your clear, positive thinking, about your challenge.  This is so easy to do, really; so how about that we just do it, and DON’T GIVE UP.  By the way, not every day will be your best day, that’s just the way life goes on; but it’s really not whether you get knocked down, it’s really about whether you get back up.  First of all, you CAN get back up, and secondly, once you do get back up, you’ll find out that it wasn’t as hard that you thought it might be!  That’s the beauty of getting back up, you didn’t quit, (It’s against league rules!).  What you’ll find, is that when you abide by your “montra”, it will seem to be your routine, for a long, long time.  Please trust me on this.  If your want to do what’s right, just not lip service, but part of the “do” service, you’ll find yourself in a much better mood, your self-confidence will rise, and so will your spirit.  YOUR spirit, that is so important, because you deserve to have spirit, and happiness.  Living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life.


Make that day, every day, your day.  You deserve to have a great, happy, day, and why not???  I wake up and thank God for the beautiful day that ended, and this new day that’s beginning.  Think in terms like that, and you know, that smile might stay on your face ALL day!  Don’t you know, everyone loves that!  So smile, pursue your goal, and DON’T GIVE UP!!!

(the song, think Genesis)

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