I know my answer to this.  It’s a new year, but my answer is the same.  Giving my best!!!  As the greatest NFL coach, (George Halas of the Chicago Bears) said, “win or lose, no one who gave their best, ever regretted their effort”.  Give your best, in whatever your New Years resolution is, or the change that you’re working on.  Think of this image; Every person is going to leave a legacy.  What kind of legacy do you want to leave?  How about we add to that image; giving your best!  Then you can’t lose, you can’t!  If you gave everything you could give, you won.  No matter if the ending is different than what you wanted, you won; sometimes we can’t see our progress, because it comes out in a different form than how we planned it, but it came out the way it was supposed to be.  That’s the way it works!  Here’s my point: I visited my family at Christmas.  I love every one of them so much, but, as we know, Christmas ( and the season of Christmas), generally requires a lot of planning.  Due to a lot of work-related scheduling among my family members, we, as a family, had to have our Christmas on SATURDAY!  In most cases, that would be a hardship for everyone (especially my mother!), who likes to have a plan for everyone, but we didn’t, and guess what?  It was fantastic, everyone agreed.  No plan, play it by ear, and enjoy the moment, because who wants their legacy not to be enjoyable?

I say this because a very enjoyable moment happened that wasn’t planned.  If your “New Years change” isn’t quite defined, it’s ok, just make some sort of change, because that’s the beginning.  The beginning of perhaps your dream, or goal?  Remember, dreams takes an awful lot of determination, and dedication, (once you get a taste of a simple change!).  Then we go on to the self-discipline and effort to make this dream come true.  Sounds  complicated?  It’s not, if we just play it moment by moment.  Don’t worry about that last effort, if it didn’t come out the way you planned it, if you “gave your best”.  There will be a new moment coming up, so enjoy the chance to make it “your way”!  We have to keep our minds open, and we’ll see the progress we have made.  That’s our legacy, to be proud of what we just did, sometimes with no plan!

Let’s speak of my profession, fitness!  We couldn’t forget about that.  Sometimes, if you’re at a beginning stage, to an advanced stage, make your goal.  Make your goal!  MAKE YOUR GOAL!!!  It could be as simple as walking around the block, to losing weight, to gaining weight, to gaining strength, to toning up your body;  doesn’t matter, it’s your goal.  It’s something different than your routine of right now; this is now your NEW moment!  Find something that motivates you, that’s so important.  If you aren’t so interested in what you’re doing, it might not last very long,  so make your new goal attainable by enjoying it.  Encourage your friends, or others, to join you; that in itself can keep your motivation in check!  We can’t cancel out on our partners now, can we???  If you can’t afford to train with a professional, there’s so much info on the internet, find what you want to do, and start in!  You can modify as you go along, just start!  You’ll find that the more you have a starting point, you’ll start recognizing the progress; that will be a major  legacy!  Last note; announce that progress!  This is huge.  The more you put that info out there, anything of your progress, or even of your effort, you will feel so  accomplished.  You are “putting it out there”.  That’s a great legacy!

New Year, new feeling, BELIEVE!  Know that you can do anything; as I was looking at the word “impossible”, notice how it is spelled: “I’m possible”.  That hit me hard, let it get to you, too.  You are possible, know that.  Enjoy that.  Pat yourself on your back, with that!

2015:  BELIEVE!!!


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