HOPE:   n/ 1) the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out.  2) a   person or thing  in which expectations are centered.

What is unique about this first definition?  Does it define your feeling of “hope”?  Or does it define your definition of “can”?  Can would go either way, I think the word “can”, in this meaning of the word “hope”, is the key word; it doesn’t mean “will”.  The communication of “will” means that you have to do something, to make that hope come true.  That’s something that I try to put out there every day.  We all have hope, as we should, and the more hope that we have, the more success we will have in accomplishing any one  (or more ) of those.  I see a lot of “hope” with my clients on fitness.  I actually think putting that word “hope” in the back of a persons mind is a huge step.  Initially, when I’m speaking to someone about what I think should be important, to them, is sometimes a bit different than what they think about themselves.  I tend to work more with the second definition, in the world of being centered.  To me, there’s no “what- ifs” when you lay it on the line, with that hope.  It just “will”be.  The mind is a very powerful tool; and if it is set in the proper mode of being centered, and not allowing failure, you will have to recognize your effort of change.  What could be more satisfying than to see your progress, because of your effort?  Sure, a person will have to work, which means commitment to yourself to accomplish your goal, or hope, but that’s the spirit, to use that Hope to make YOU feel better; you are doing, (centered) something that will help you help yourself. There might be some who might not agree with me, going more with definition #1, the feeling of “can” be had.  Believe me, I will try to make you believe that you can, because everyone has to believe that “they can”,and they “will” to put full effort into their commitment to accomplish their hope, their goal, their change.  That’s my definition of “hope and change”!!!

As an athlete,(ok. an older one, but I’m still hangin’ in there!),  there was no failure, in our minds.  That was the way we were taught, by our coaches, our parents, our mentors.  Let’s think back, to those days of playing whatever sport we were playing.  When you were out on the field, you want to win, right?  There’s no failure involved in that thought.  When you’re a kid playing a sport, you watch pro sports in the sport that you’re playing.  That focus, that dream of being a pro, starts to develop then and there, no failure is in the mind now.  Having said that, I do know that some people who weren’t involved in the athletic world, can sometimes take a side step in the “can” or “will” department.  What I mean by that is, their has to be a certain amount of effort put in, to reach that goal; we try to instill that.  Trying is a HUGE  step,  TRYING +1 is an enormous effort!  That is where we try to go; not just in the physical aspect of your “change”, but the mental aspect of commitment, the “no failure” department.  It’s a great place to come from, and a great place to operate from.

This is where a person starts to see their progress; and we all know, that when we see progress, that puts the pedal to the medal, and the recognition of feeling this is the first step of creating your “change”.  What a feeling that is, by the way!

On this column, we are speaking of fitness, of any sort that motivates you.  I think that there are 2 MAJOR factors that can be of help, for you, to put yourself in a “better” place.  The first one, one that I hate to admit this but research has proven it time and time again, is convenience.  Whatever you want to do, it has to be convenient.  The second one is, whatever motivates you, don’t ignore it, just do it.  Once you put it out there that you want to start something, anything, look around where you live, see whats available, and keep it close.  Is it a park, a beautiful walk around the block, (or two blocks…), do you have an extra room, or can you make space just to do what you have decided to do?  This sounds so simple, it is really, but it is SO important.  If your “space” isn’t convenient to you, chances are that after awhile, that drive, or that location that is way-over-there, could lose your attention.  So do the work, follow those 2 rules, make that commitment, and put that “no-failure” in your mind, and always, ALWAYS, recognize your progress!  This will put Believe-In-Your-Will campaign to good use!

This is all about you, and realize that.  It’s huge!  Guess what?  You also deserve it.  You should be your own best friend, so do what is right for you.  Look in the mirror, and tell yourself how much you mean to that person, and how well that person should be treated!  You start doing that, and you will start to feel that “special” being part!

Live that part, Love that part, and Enjoy that HOPE!

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