Anybody do a workout in less than 30 minutes?  You can, and should.  Let’s go back to the old way of thinking, all workouts should be at least 2 hrs; anything less is a waste of time.  That’s what we all assumed, and did our best to achieve that.  It was good, and by good I mean it did it’s job, but at what price?  Shoulders torn up, trying to outdo each other, (training partners).  I started teaching circuit training classes back in 1988, (did I just reveal my age?).  That’s luck on my part, endurance has always been my strength.  I’m saying this, because I always liked to go fast; never rest, just keep going! A lot of research these days proved me right, fast and furious is the key.  So I don’t accept the excuse of “I don’t have the time”; give me 20 minutes and I’ll exhaust you, and be burning your metabolism all day long!  Of course, I wouldn’t do that to everyone, different people have different intensities, and we work with that.  It’s all about recognizing what a person is capable of.

An article or two ago, I wrote about training without equipment.  That type of training can be as intense as you want it, or NOT.  Depends on what  your capable of, and can handle;  but make it your own.  There’s a lot of articles out there that give suggestions; follow them, it will open your eyes to how simple this training thing can be.  Don’t misunderstand me here; training can be hard, given your condition; but time shouldn’t be the excuse, so get out there, and give some sweat!!  The biggest commitment you can make, actually, is time.  Commit 1 month, or better yet, 3 months to your new training mode.  Then DO IT!  If that time frame doesn’t do it for you, change the format; you’ll find that your body did start to change after 3 months…you’ll  FEEL different.  It’s just your commitment to that time.  Then you’ll start to feel like you need a good breakfast, if training in the morning.  Then you’ll start to look at your daily intake of meals; believe me, this all adds up!

So if you like to train with equipment, or without, it doesn’t matter, you will feel a change, and it’ll will change your view on “time”.  Thirty minutes is nothing per se, but it really adds up to body change 4-5 times per week.  Listen, if you want to start out with 10 minutes, to see how you feel, I’ll take it!  Anything, just to see activity.  If you want advice, or support, or just encouragement, contact me, or read articles, anything; I’m here to see someone get started,  so, who wants to surprise me?  I’m a sucker for that!!  I’ll give so much encouragement, sometimes I want to train with you!!  So let’s do it, and enjoy it, and bark to others to do it; it’s contagious….


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