It’s mid-November.  Two more weeks, it’s December, end of the year.  Since next week is “black Friday”, let’s talk holidays, as in “what’s your new years fitness plan?”.  I mean, it’s not too early, is it?  I have an idea, why wait until the new year?  Let’s start tomorrow!  Why not?  If you start now, that will help you (kind of!) watch your diet through the holidays.  Plus, you will already have your groove goin’ on by the beginning of the year, while others are tip-toeing in.  That first step is always the hardest, so let’s get going now; trust me, you’ll dig it!

I always offer a New Year’s introductory plan; it attracts some, but trying to keep those promises is a challenge.  It’s worth the effort, to start now.  Start with a non-equipment workout.  It will be fast, and you will feel so good about yourself, you’ll probably want to run home!  Along with your walk, do a minute of lunges, then walk for 2 minutes.  Then do 25 squats, (good postured squats), then walk for 2 minutes.  How about walking backwards, or take on a hill, for 1 minute, and walk for 2 minutes?  I know, I know, sounds simple, right?  Might be for some, but that’s about 20 minutes, with a 5 minutes warm up, and a 5 minutes cool down, (slow walk).  TWENTY MINUTES!!  Life isn’t that busy, now, is it?  That, my friend, is the way to start the day!  You will raise your metabolism for the day, so you’ll want to eat several times, in a productive way.  Anything from fruits and veggies, adding to at least 3 meals, so it seems like 4-6 meals!  Go to juicing, adding protein if you’re feeling fatigued.  All of this is GOOD STUFF!  If there are any questions, about any of this, call me; or write a comment and I’ll answer.  That sounds so simple; and it is!  Commit to it now, and you’ll see, it is simple.

This is it; don’t wait for the new year, start your own destiny NOW.   Always remember, once you start, it gets exciting, and you’ll want to keep going, so keep going!!!

Have a great fall, and Thanksgiving, and you can tell me about your successes in your new workouts!

Strut your stuff…!

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