Ya gotta feel the love!  I say that, because my parents just visited me at my place, this past week.  My Dad just celebrated his 80th birthday, or should I say his 80th month!  Boy, you live and still have a ball at 80, you’ve said and done a lot.  It’s always different when they come here; when I go there (Las Vegas), I also have my sister, my brother, their families, cousins, and friends; so I have to socialize, that’s how I roll!  The point is, I don’t get to spend a lot of time with the folks, so it’s nice when I see them here.  Since I’ve lived here for 32 years, (I’m only 35!), they’ve been here so many times, that the only thing that they want to do, is socialize, also.  They’ve met a lot my friends, who love to come and visit with them when they come in, so they always have to set up times for those visits, well, that’s how my Mom rolls, setting up times!  All my Dad wants to do, is play in a poker game, and I think we’ve handled that throughout the years.  Sometimes we’ll be sitting around, and I’ll say something off the cuff, like “would you guys like to do something?”, and the reply would usually be, “how about we open a bottle of wine!”.  Music to my ears!  I really don’t like driving around, and I think that their in the same boat.

Hear is the best part: Dad’s now doing rehab!  I’ve been after him for years to get some sort of fitness into his day; I thought going into his 80ish years, he would have time.  I was wrong; you should see their schedule, especially my Mom’s.  Ok, I can handle that, but just give me 20-30 minutes and we’ll get you started, AND feeling much better; and guess what, he’s doing it!  I can’t believe how good it makes ME feel!  GOD bless him for making the effort, now.  To qualify this, Dad’s been in a lot of pain, for maybe my whole life!  When I get a little back pain, or shoulder pain, or wrist, whatever…all I have to do is think about how Dad handles it.  WOW.  He’s a man that I have nothing but respect for, and I’ll say that over and over.  He’s had 7 or 8 back/neck surgeries, and sometimes has had difficult balancing engagements.  So he wanted to have his knee operated on; so he goes in to see his surgeon, ( who knows him QUITE well),  and the surgeon, who makes his money doing the cutting, says we’re not operating, there’s nothing wrong with the knee, it’s the muscle, it needs strength!  I don’t know that I have anything to do with the rehab, but the fact is, he’s doing it!  I’m so happy.

Combine that with my Mom’s energy, oh my goodness!  She won’t let me say this, but they were high school sweethearts; gonna be 60 years married this coming August 8!  How about that?  Let’s go over that again, 60 years, married!!  That, my friends, (and relatives), is pretty spectacular!  What a life they’ve both had; all to healthy living; or pretty close to it.  I don’t know how many people can say that, how happy they feel to their parents at this stage in their lives.  We had so many fun times while they were here.  A lot of eating, by the way!  When they leave, I’ll have at least 4-5 days worth of, dinner extras, shall we say?  I love that; but that is what I’m speaking hear.  How much fun we have by doing nothing.  Just catching up, stories I’ve heard before, new things, doesn’t matter, just relaxing.  Mom does her exercising after waking up,30-45 minutes, for years she’s been doing this, and still walks fast!  Makes me really hustle!

Who knew their future could be this grand?  I didn’t, I just expected it.  I was very lucky to have seen it all happened.  Some people haven’t had that luck.  That’s why now, this very moment, I’m thanking GOD for what I’ve received.  We should all do that; thinking from a point of view of thanking, it makes a HUGE difference.  There might be some sort of a problem is everyone’s life; no one has a rose garden promised to them.  Even with those problems, though, somebody wants to be in their shoes; somebody wants their problems.  Everything adds up, so even if events don’t come out as you planned, know that it’s GOOD, that it means something to someone, even if that time frame is 5 years down the road, it means SOMETHING!  Always be aware of that, and people will give a nice smile down the road, and boy, that puts a BIG smile on your face!

Ok, just a note, put a smile on somebody else’s  face, every day!  You are going to love that day, I promise!  Enjoy these days, you have to feel some love, here!

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