How About Yes, Yes, Yes……

Last week of radiation…’hot damn does that feel good to say, again, Last Week of Radiation!!  So now that I’ve said that, felt good saying it, now I can say that in some strange way, I’ll miss going up to UCLA everyday.  Great situation that I’ve been in, getting treated by them.  It’s always a yes, yes, yes place; meaning nothing gets shut down, it’s always go forward,  take one more step kind of place.  Really, though, who wouldn’t think like that.  Life is full of surprises; we might think that we have our plan, the kind of life that makes sense on paper.  Hey, guess what?  It don’t work out that way, someone is laughing, there’s a whole lot more going on, and guess what else?  It’s o.k.!  We just have to turn down a different road.  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into a brain tumor before the first one, ( funny I have to say FIRST one!).  You just have to accept it, and say, yes, I do need to think a bit differently, and THAT could be a pretty cool thing, a change.  Change is one common element that is stable.  Now, it seems like I look forward to that, even though I happen to be a very common Virgo!  What Virgo doesn’t want “the plan” to be laid out; not so much anymore.

How many times, in this day and age, do we go through our day, and all we see is No this, No that, No, No, No!  We go through a park, No you can’t fo this; we drive down a street, No you can’t park here or drive there; you belong to an association, No you can’t do this, and for that you have to do it this way only… it’s amazing.  Why not yes, to what you can do.  What’s is radiation supposed to do?  Tire you out, put a damper on your day, alter everything you do.  Piss on that.  Pick up your workouts, or start one.  Eat one more meal, do something that scares you everyday.  Dare yourself, for anything; do one thing per day that you used to say, “I can’t”.  Piss on that, too, I can’t.  You can, you can on anything.  Even if you don’t hit the so called ending that you went for, the fact that you did do something to try and bring it about, says Yes!  Think about it, just trying something means your not looking around for the “rule”.  It (the rule) says NO.  Just try something, and you know what?  You’ll smile, laugh, and just know that you did what you know is right; and guess what?  Everything is going to be alright.  Sound familiar?  I’m not saying that we now want to be trivial with our lives; just don’t get caught up with trying to be too straight laced.  Mix it up, mix people up; what the heck, make them toss their heads to one side and say, “what are they doing”, maybe with a smile, too.

Sometimes we get a little to used to what we have, and then we don’t know how good it is where we are.  Know where you are, acknowledge how good this is where we are.  See things, smell things, feel things; it’s really cool to be sitting somewhere, and the thought comes into your head just how great it is, rather than just riding it out.  Last week I went to a little get together.  Some friends had a yard that I’d never been in.  It was so, so cool.  Just a very tropical feel, you felt like you were somehere a long way off; a friend then made the whole meal outside, on the fire pit, then a few more friends then started playing the guitars, under a beautiful night; I sat there and just thanked the Lord how lucky I was to be here.  Everything about it said how special it was, perfect.  Years ago, it was just a party, now you have to know, it was really, really special.  When everyone takes a moment or two to connect a couple of dots to see how special certain events are in their life, Yes Yes,Yes is what it adds up to be.  The best thing is, this is not only one or two events that would be called”special”.  This is about everyday activities that when you think about it, really do add up to be special.

How about if we now go back to the signs that say No,No, No, and put a bunch of Yes, Yes, Yes on, and see which way a person starts to think, feel, and appreciate what is available to us, at all times.  I might not even care about the naps anymore.


  • Marcy Ayanian

    Dear Scott,

    I’m so happy your treatments are over and you can move on with your life. Now, you can look forward to many more happy times with friends in beautiful back yards that are new to you. On this stormy day, I came across an Irish poem, which expresses my wish for you:

    Wishing you a rainbow
    In sunlight after showers,
    Miles and miles of Irish smiles
    For golden happy hours,
    Shamrocks at your doorway
    For luck and laughter too,
    And a host of friends that never ends
    Each day your whole life through.

    May 2011 be your healthiest and happiest year ever!

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