HOW DO YOU GET UP…(from the chair)?

Who changed their fit-ness?  Doesn’t have to be major, just something that make sense.  We’ve mentioned this before; something simple can be very effective.  Short and effective; simple!  Start thinking about 20-30 minute workouts, and you say ” where do I start?”.  Just start thinking about body parts: chest, back, arms (triceps/biceps), whole lotta legs!  I know, easy for me to say that, but where do we start?

Do any movement, let’s say getting out of a chair.  You have to stand up, so you see how you extend your legs to stand.  Basically, you’re doing a squat, probably one of the most important moves that your body can do.  You move your quads,(thighs), hamstrings(in the back of your quads),  your glutes(your wonderful butt!), your calves(from pressing down on your heels as you stand up), and hopefully, your core.  You’ve probably heard about your “core”, and you say “what is that”?  That’s, in a short definition, your abdominal and sides(obliques).  Anytime you activate a muscle, if you initiate the move by tightening you abs, then you are helping your lower back SO much; if you don’t use your core, then your lower back wants to help out, and we don’t like that, in fact, we frown!  That’ s why we say core, ( I know, I know, I sound like a broken record).

So that is the concept here; just look at any move that you do, (visualize it), and you’ll see what needs to be used( body parts/ muscle groups).  That usually indicates. also, what needs to be strengthen.  After a while, it gets to be routine.  And guess what: even if it not functionally correct, it’s better than nothing.  You can look at websites, ( the Post Game, for one),  and they will go through the motions, so that you can see the execution.  Good stuff!

You get in the mood to do this, and we’ll start to incorporate 3-4 muscle groups movements.  Sounds tough, but it’s not; it’s functional.  We’ll go over other movements in the next few blogs, and maybe, just MAYBE , you’ll start to enjoy all of this!  I’ll guarantee that!

Give me feedback, or I just added a form on my website to elaborate your concerns.  Give it to me, let me help!!

Have good health, and be HAPPY!  It’ll make your day!

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