How was breakfast today?  I’m assuming that you DID have breakfast.  Or, am I assuming too much?  Living where I live, sometimes I, (we) assume too much.  I know that when I get up, something is going down my feeding pipes.  Not everyone can say that.  For some, eating 1 meal a day, or even 2-3 days, can be a luxury.  Sometimes I forget how blessed I am for indulging in 4-5 meals per day.  I am blessed; and I should NEVER let that slip my mind, and neither should you.  In our society, our media/programmers/way-of-life tendencies, can make us take for granted the treasures in our lives.  It’s certainly happened to me, and I assume to most everyone.  We feel “safe”, and sometimes that safe feeling numbs our awareness of what we have, to some degree.

No matter if you’re a Christian, atheists, or a member of any religion; you have to realize, every day, that to have the opportunity to feed yourself, exercise yourself, make your own business, work for someone else, exercise your thoughts; whatever it may be, you are blessed.  Farmers, city dwellers, tenth generations (family), first generation, you are blessed to be here, based on our Constitution.  We still are a great country, I hope it stays great.  I like feeling “safe” when I wake up, so I can have my breakfast, or, as I’ve talked about before, “juice” my breakfast, and then have my “2nd” breakfast after my workout.  I like having my third meal at the time required, and so on. I like making my own decisions, for me , and my dog.   Sometimes it’s just a look at my dog, (a rescue) who used to very shy, (or afraid) of people based on his past.  I don’t know what his past is, nor do want to know, knowing that he was found in in Compton, (inner city in Los Angeles).  I’ve had him for almost a year now, and he’s come SO far, with people, and crowds, and other dogs.  I hope that comes from all the love that I give him, sometimes more than he wants!  I do that because I want to, and I know that I CAN; hence I’m blessed.  No matter what we do, it’s because we CAN do it;  please put that in the back of your mind, and try to remind yourself of that every day, or better yet, several times a day.  Trust me, once you get that little routine going, it keeps coming at you multiple times per day; and by the way, you will feel so great feeling the power of love and gratitude for knowing how blessed we are.

I’m not trying to get on a soapbox here, but try to think about living in other countries, or better yet, in the inner cities in this country.  Think about Detroit, Harlem, Compton, etc…. we get media bashed about the killings that have gone on recently, in Aurora and the east coast; but how about the hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of violent crimes, and murders, from these other places in our countries; it’s from “non-safety” areas.  Maybe it’s from no money, no law, whatever(I’m sure you probably know what I mean), there’s the problem of safety.  That’s why it’s SO important that we ALL have to realize how blessed we are on where we live, and how we have to feel about having that safety.

After having said that, there are ways to exercise in very tiny places, with no equipment.  I had to teach a class to some kids, ( meaning 8-17 years old), who are either cancer patients, or siblings to those who are dealing with cancer; this population with me had NO money, meaning no gyms, or school gyms, so it had to be without equipment.  So much CAN be done, in a short period of time; so believe it or not, I AM the optimist! Fitness can be achieved anytime, and anywhere!!!  All you have to do, is convince those you’re trying to teach.  I had to show them my scar on my head, tell them I KNEW what they were going through, and this is how you can get through it.  It’s not so tough, you just get through, one foot after the other.  Believe, believe believe; we are very blessed to be here today, and yesterday, and if we’re lucky, tomorrow.  But please, always take into consideration, even in the smallest action, whatever turns you on, you are blessed!!

Trust that, believe in that, and I will guarantee, you WILL feel special.  You should, by the way, because you are.    ENJOY

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