Was Supposed to Have the Stitches Taken Out

Monday is when I was supposed to go in, have the stitches taken out, maybe go up to the check-out Rehab. services, and also find out a little bit about the radiation services. Let’s see, here’s how it ended up: Leave the stitches in at least a few more days, the Check-Up Rehab was good for at least a few more days, and we’re not anywhere in site of radiation technology. In a strange world, it does make some sort of sense; it just doesn’t put all of the pieces together.

It seems that the incision is still a bit more swollen then it should be. I thought that might make sense, hopefully that would end in a couple of days. There was one girl who normally takes the stitches out; she didn’t really like her early obversations, so she had her superior take a view. The second gal also had the same operations. So O.k., now the stitches take on a few extra days, to go into Dr. Yang’s office, and hopefuly these all come out on Wednesday. I guess one way or another, these will come out within another week. Hopefully, we’ll also get some answeres toward the radiation, and also the re-hab. The one thing that I can say, is how much these are itching. Man, I just want to scratch these things!! Like I said, not too much longer.

Wednesday will actually be the first time that I meet with Dr. Yang. since the operation. I want to hear what he has to say, he never really tries to hide to much. Once we get all of that info out, then I suppose we can get all of the other materials out, also. Dr. Yang does tend to go heavy one way or another, he just opens up.

I’ll write a little more, once I get to a little more info. Until tomorrow, I’ll speak to you soon,


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  • Dietmar Stefitz

    Scott, when you had your surgery, Michael Castello has been in Valencia/Spain and he kept us informed. You have a fantastic friend, just please next time let him win when playing poker. All the best from Valencia/Spain.

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