I believe in miracles.  Very simple, I believe in miracles.


Miracle:  n.  an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause, especially to God.


This definition makes a “miracle” sound so complicated, but it isn’t; think about it, it’s actually very simple.  It’s just something that happened, done.  Let’s break it down.  Take yourself, has anyone else taken on your looks?  I guess we all have a twin out there, so ok, maybe a semi-yes.  How about your voice, the eyes, the soul, the heart; everything that makes us up as a being, this just happens to be YOU!  No matter what else, there is no one else like you.  Even twins can be so, so alike; or they can be so different.  There is REALLY no one else like you.  Since I try to look at the positive side of things, (I really try to avoid the negative effect ), everybody has their own personality, and a person gets to choose whether he/she can appreciate themselves.  It’s being happy with yourself, it’s a smile that can happen whenever, with whatever is happening!  I know, this sounds so simple, but this can be so simple.  I had three brain tumors, two surgeries, two different rounds of radiation, and it totally disrupted my method of living.  So many thoughts were running through my head, back then, about “what I would do” to reshape my life.  It’s very simple, I just went forward.  I had no other option.  So that’s my story, how about yours?

We all know people who have addictions, alcohol, drugs, depressions, etc…. the flip side here, is that we all know people who have recovered, have made a change, became a miracle.  There is no one else out there like you.  There is no one who goes through this life without some sort of an obstacle.  Do we fight through it, or try to work with “it” and go around it.  There is always a solution;  we just have to become a miracle and find our way.  Ok, I as a brain tumor survivor, had to alter my style of living; and as a general statement, that seems like a lot.  It isn’t, it just simply isn’t.  As I look back on how my interest changed, on how my actions changed, on how my beliefs changed; none of this was my first choice for my life, but in retrospect, it was so simple that it just worked out.  Imagine that, “it just worked out”.  What I’m saying here is that my priorities changed, without me putting a lot of effort in it.  What I saw through my eyes changed, that then affected my actions, which then affected my beliefs; in other words, it just changed.  Was that a big change for someone who knew me, to see a change?  Probably not, but for me, I saw a miracle coming down the tracks, and I had the  urge to jump onto that train!  It just happens.  So you see, miracles don’t have to come down with a big bang, they can come at a snails pace, and you notice and accept your changes.  Small or large, miracles do happen.

I bring this up, because in my mind, everybody has a weakness, but everybody also has a strength.  This is, in my mind, an absolute.  Everybody has a strength, so the miracle here, is to find your strength, (which is really right in front of you).  For example, for years I wanted to pursue something that, in my mind now, wasn’t my strength, but I kept pursuing,  Then when this little “brain thing” happened, my miracle came along and said, “All you’ve done for the past 30 some odd years, is help people”, with strength, balance, stability.  How did I not recognize this strength, because it really was “just in front of me”?  That was the miracle, finding my strength; nothing more, nothing less.

So now this is on you.  Please don’t deny your strength, recognize it, and use it.  The reason I find value in your strength, is that you use what you have within you; you’re not having to create something.  Ultimately, you’re working with what you know, so use it, find it and use it.  It’s right in front of you.  I’ll tell you why I think that this is so important; you’re using what has been given to you.  You’re using what is essentially your God given gift to you, your strength.  Use it.  When you use something that’s within you, you don’t have to put pressure on yourself to be creative, or to be “outside your box”, just be you, be confident in yourself, and just be you.  I know I’m pushing some people when I say “be confident in yourself”;  after my first surgery, I certainly didn’t have the confidence in myself like I once had.  I had SO many questions in my head throughout my recovery.  Can I go back to my physical working mode?  Can I work the hours that I used to work?  Will I be able to financially keep my way of living?  Will I frustrate myself on the physical rehab that I’m putting on myself?  These questions can go on, and on, (because they were there!), but what’s the point of rehashing them?  Time went on, I used my strength, (see, I told you that we all have this!). for my rehab, since that’s what I do, and that’s when I started trusting myself again, finding my progression through my strength.  I knew what I had done for others, so why not trust myself to do well for myself?  There was a lot time and effort that I had to do to regain “me”, but that was my strength, trust it, and trust me.  I started that thought process, and let’s just say, I got my groove back.  Use your strength, it’s there.  Once I started feeling like my old self, I actually started feeling very peaceful inside, which then led other changes, (like those listed above), and they “just happened”, because I didn’t care what others may have thought, because I was happy with where I had come from, and that led me to just be me.  As I said, it’s really simple.

So enough of my life, how’s yours?  Dig into yourself, find your strength, use it, and you will find a soothing feeling inside, to let yourself just be you.  Do it. Just be you, this will help you to enjoy each moment, and you’ll find out, that miracles do happen.


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