How many of you said, “THANK YOU” this morning, for getting up, having the strength to walk around, and carrying on with the day?  I did; actually I do that every day.  Not trying to preach here, I just know how to accept that I can still do that.  Some people can’t.  A person that I really don’t know, but she came from my home town, Peoria, Illinois; she went on that cruise, recently, that a fire broke out, and everything stopped.  Time, destinations, and hope.  Took several days for the cruise to come to port.  This person that I am talking about, had to be helicoptered out, thought she had a stroke.  Ends up, she had a tumor on her brain; sound familiar?  Perfect health, mom, wife, 2 kids.  Had to have surgery today.  I’ll give details later, but the point here, is, that was her vacation!  It was to be fun, adventurous!  Ends up in a hospital.  That was somewhat of my experience.  Taken care of my body over 40 years, but I just couldn’t control what goes on inside my head.  It is just what it is, and we have to deal with it.  in whatever way we can.  That’s why it is so important to accept today is today; not yesterday, that’s gone and past.  Not tomorrow, either, because we don’t know what’s going to happen, so why worry about.  We CAN help ourselves today, reacting to THIS moment, right now.  We can do so many things to help; does exercise seem to help?  I’m thinking, if I didn’t devote my life to exercise, would I have been able to rehabilitate myself in the way I did, after my first surgery?  That’s hard to say, but I like my odds with what I did; and that’s why I’m asking you to do a little.  I’m going to lay out a little program, and anyone can do it.

This little program only takes about 20 minutes, is that to much time in your day, preferably in the morning?  Here it is; two exercises, that’s it!  These two exercises involve your COMPLETE body.  Minimal on your back, but it does involve it, especially on the eccentric (negative movement) contraction.

1)Upright squat/and front raise:  Here’s what is involved: your quads, calves, hamstrings, ghlutes, big time CORE, shoulders.  As you stand straight up, grab 10-15 lbs weights, (or use anything with a little bit of weight), squat down with your arms straight out, and lowering them(arms) between your legs.  Here’s the most important part: keep your back straight.  It might help to bring a bench, or a chair over, and act like your going to sit on it, but you won’t.  Let your legs do all that movement, but your abs/core has to be tight, otherwise your back (lower), wants to help out, and we don’t want that.  So squat down, and stand back up, with all of your weight an the heels of your feet.  That’s 1 rep.  As a starter, do 5.  Then after those 5, you’ll do:

2) A burpee, which is: go down to a push-up position, do that push-up, bring your legs up, between your hands already down in the push-up stand.  Stand up, and to make it more intense, jump up at the end of all that movement.  That’s 1 rep.  Do 5 of these. This exercise is mostly upper body; chest, triceps, shoulders, BIG CORE, hip flexors, legs.

Now, go back to exercise #1, and do 4.  Then do 4 burpee’s .  Then do 3 of #1,  and 3 burpee’s ;  then 2#1, and 2 burpee’s; then 1 #1, and 1 burpee’s .

This won’t take 20 minutes, but try this, see what kind of time it involves.  If you feel good about all of this, add another 1, and later on, add another 1.  When you can hit 15,  you will be VERY strong.  Just adding 1 each time starts to add reps and your endurance really starts to add up.

This is not a lot of time, but REALLY starts to give you strength.  Do it, you’ll feel so good after that first session, and I’ll want to hear about it.  Go to my website,  www.playapersonaltraining.com and go to the “contact Scott” and tell me your feelings, I want to hear!

This all adds up to helping yourself, to be able to say “THANK YOU” each and every day, for having the ability, and functional movements to do this.  You will be SO thrilled to do this.

Stay well, and always stay happy!!!

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