PRESENT DAY PEOPLE; (ohh, it’s Everyday People)

I’ve written a little bit about my friends of past, but what have I really written about my friends of present?  In a strange way, a lot.  Not so much in a direct way, but every turn of events turns into some of my friends activity.  I think that we’re all acting out in the same way, our personalities, our way of going about things, whether coming or going  (what is he saying???).  The last words that I blogged, was about some goofy, crazy friends that I picked, 35 or so years ago, because I WANTED to.  Guys from high school, some from before.  From whatever was in my brain then, I think I remember what my folks thought of them, (mostly positive),  and the fact that I wanted to hang with them.  I think about that aspect, and that is pretty much the way I hang out today, with people that are GOOD people, people who stand for something, or people with good hearts.  I say that, just because I trust a lot of people, because I CAN trust a lot of people.  Medical issues brought a lot of that out in me. 

As most of you know, I put a lot of years into entertainment;  AN ACTOR!!  Nobody gave a crap about that (the acting thing), I had friends because they were good people.  The big thing about acting, is they do teach you to be an observant person.  To everything.  When you turn your attention on to a person, you get to see them, and I mean only them.  It’s not like you’re trying to read between the lines, you’re just letting them be THEM, and you can then make your judgment, if you want to use that term.  I have observed my friends help me in so many ways; some situations I had to be told about, because it happened while I was in the hospital, or I was in a recovery mode.  SOOOO many times, I had to ask myself, “what did I do to deserve this help, I couldn’t even remember the activity”.  I still say, help others, and some good might happen to you.  You never know.  At the very least, you’ll get some laughs!!

I always thought that I knew a few people in PDR; and I do, except at the new place TRIPEL, on Culver.  I have to tell you, I LOVE that place.  I say that, because I always end up speaking to people who don’t live here in Playa del Rey.  It’s not a place where there’s a lot of “attitude”.  Great food, GREAT beer,(lots of porter’s and stout’s), and lots of really good people.  I guess that a small place attracts decent people because if they didn’t treat you right, you don’t come back, and since it’s so small… you get the picture.

I guess that this is why I’m such a hermit, I love PDR!  I like to stay here, and if there’s nothing to do, (right!), I can certainly live with that for a night or two!  Seriously, though, you find nice people when you just want to relax, done deal!  You’re just being you.  I guess that’s my whole point, here, just be you.  No one puts a judgement on you, if you don’t try to judge them; you can like them, or not, just don’t judge them.

That’s my story; I like where I live, and the friends I have, WOW!  I am very lucky.  I do think that we’re all in the same boat here, appreciate what you have;  lots of people want what you have have, enjoy it!

Not a lot of words, a little bit of a lot of topics, but enjoy what you have; then you’ll end up speaking like me on a night like tonight.  Forget the coffee, go have a nice cold beer at TRIPEL!

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