Smile.  Nice word, actually, a GREAT word; “to assume a facial expression usually indictating pleasure, favor or amusement”, “to regard with favor”; “to express by a smile”.  It can be a powerful word.  Most people, whether they know it or not, don’ t think what this word can do.  It can be wonderful, and yet it also seems to be such as effort for some.  We all have a life, good times and what some call “bad” times.  Bad is only a perception by the individual.  As I’ve written before, smile at someone, and over time, they will usually start that smile towards you.  This is, by my opinion, one of the most important blogs that I’ve written.  Think about it.  When someone sees a smile, they immediately think pleasure.  People can smile, without anything behind it, but you can see that a mile away; but smile at someone with a little somethin’ behind it, oooh, it’s wonderful. 

As I’ve said before, walking is also very powerful in our life.  Put these two items in the same activity, you’re going to make some people very happy.  If you’re in a mood that needs a little lift, smile.  Even if you know that it’s not 100% genuine. it’s a start.  By forcing yourself to smile at, anything really, you can feel some positive energy jumpin’ through those bones!  You don’t have any chance to NOT  feel that; it all goes back to “to assume a facial expression usually indicating pleasure, favor, or amusement”.  It makes a LOT of sense.  Sometimes I have got to get out, take my walk, and smile at everyone I come across.  Deep down, I know (at least I think I know) it does them good, because I KNOW it does me good.  Maybe because I have a dog, which gets at least 2 walks per day, I come across several people.  They’ll wave, or smile back, and then that puts me in a better mood!  Strange how all of this works; but why shouldn’t we be in a good mood?  We’re really not here for a long, long time, so make it, somehow, in a better mood.  Make this your addiction, to be happy.  An addict is “one who is addicted to a substance, activity, or habit”.  Why not make  smiling your “habit”?  You can make people happy with your “addiction”!

I think that we all know some people that you just want to say,  “Hey, just smile!”, because you just never seem to see that.  My assumption is that if I don’t see some sort of a smile, this person is not in a good mood.  We all know this person.  Ok, I had some stuff happen to me, but that’s not the reason that I smile, or try to always be in a good mood.  It just feels better; I feel like I’m trying to be a little better, so, here’s what I got.  I’m trying to put that out there; that’s me, straight up.  If I see someone trying to help  themselves, then I want to help them, in some way.  Open a door, pick up something that they’ve dropped, anything that’s basically “courtesy”.  That’s just being a good person.  One way or another, everyone is put in a good, or better, mood.  Just think what this world would be like if everyone tried to put this in their personality, at some point in their day.  You do it enough, it becomes your habit, your “addiction”, and then it stays with you a little longer, and maybe stays with you, period.  It’s really not that big of an effort.

Have you ever gone into a grocery store, and someone is standing there, trying to collect money for a charity.  Sometimes just sitting there, but sometimes just saying “hi”, with a big smile.  For me, it puts a whole different attitude on my shoulder.  It’s all about the smile.  It makes me want to smile back; whether I put money in the can is another thing, but I do want to give that smile back.  We can all do that; it’s SO worth that bit of energy to tip the corners of the mouth up, and nod, or say “hi”, or whatever.  It really can, and does, change things, and you know what?  It doesn’t cost a thing!  Not a nickel, penny, nota zip…Nothing!  So get that in your daily routine!  Before long, it’s you all day.  You’re not doing everyone a favor, you being you IS a good thing, is a good day for others; it makes a good day for everyone.  BE THAT PERSON, and your day is BEAUTIFUL!

SMILE, and have a great life, over, and over!

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