Christmas is a beautiful time of our lives.  It is a very spiritual time, the birth of Jesus Christ has come upon us.  Hopefully, this is where our thoughts should be, something far away from the materialistic world. So much of our attention, and, at this time of year, our thoughts tend to go to other people.  This is a good idea, but something that I think is also a good idea, too, is to think about YOU.  You are SO very important; to yourself, to others, to people you don’t even know.  You are so important, that a few, (or several) nice thoughts should be directed at yourself, because don’t we make our “New Years” resolution right about now, in this festive season?  There are things that we want to change, so why not start RIGHT NOW, why wait until the beginning of the year?  Fitness comes into play with a lot of people, and that is music to my ears, but there’s even more inside you, you’re heart.  I say that, because if you be nice to you, how you then affect others is so positive, and they will feel that!  Most people rarely give thought to the effect that they have had, or will have on others.  Think about it, don’t we all know someone who always has a smile on their face, and how that affects you?  Makes you smile, or more!  Maybe makes you feel like this is a friend, even if you don’t know them!  Listen, you might only be one to the world, but to one person, you might be the world, if you feel good about yourself.  This is so, so true.  We all have something that we want to help ourselves with, whether it’s vanity, emotional change, whatever; all changes that we have committed to ourselves this coming 2015, starts with knowing that we are STARTING!  This is a huge statement.  Knowing that we are starting with something, and this “something” is to help ourselves; how can this NOT make us feel great!  This comes from the heart, your heart.  That goes out to a lot of other people, you are touching them, and they might not know that it’s you, but you start to know that, because you feel good, knowing you are helping yourselves.

If you were told to “walk proud”, wouldn’t it make sense to stand up straight, shoulders square, chest out, and take large strides?  Look at each and all of these descriptions; to me, they mean commitment and pride.  They mean to make the most of the effort of walking.

Proud:  adj,   having or showing self-respect or self-esteem;  having or showing an inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, superiority;  full of vigor and spirit.


When I train people, I want to be more than just  trying to motivate that one last effort, or just counting reps.  I want to get inside them, into their heart and soul.  “Walk proud” is a bit of an embellishment, but I want people to have pride in them, in their effort, in their commitment.  I believe, also, that this positive “proud” attitude, affects other people in ways that enlighten them.  I’m sure that at some point, maybe even only once, you have had a thought of what you can do to inspire someone, and that is SO simple.  Be proud of yourself, be proud of your commitment to yourself, be proud of your positive effort to make a change to yourself.  That is huge; it shows through your heart, and they get it, but don’t stop there!  If you carry yourself in that mode continuously, people WILL see you!  If you carry on like this, your heart starts to show, and this is you; and that’s when you start to inspire others, because you are now staying true to yourself, you’re “walking proud”!

Stay true to yourself, let it carry into the holidays, and also ENJOY the holidays, especially Christmas; isn’t that what Christmas is all about, having enjoyment?  Be happy, look at all the decorations through the neighborhood, enjoy this festive season!  You’ve already made the decision, the commitment, to have pride in yourself.  YOU are what this season is all about!



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