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FIRE ON THE RIDGE; and cigars, and…

O.k., so you go up to Tulelake (Tulelake is on the border of California and Oregon) to go after ducks/geese (LOTS of hope), and you come back home with only one duck; and still say it was one of the most … Continue reading

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I slept!  Let me say THAT again, I slept!  What a feeling that is, to actually wake up, and feel pretty good!  Woop-to-do!!  For what ever you’ve read, you’ll notice that I’ve been on these wonderful steroids for the inflamation … Continue reading

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 Time moves by fast, doesn’t it?  Look at this, end of Janurary, 2010, oooops, I mean 2011.  Happened again.  It is funny, how may times that happens to me.  I’m always confusing time; I’m still wondering where the last 30 … Continue reading

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How About Yes, Yes, Yes……

Last week of radiation…’hot damn does that feel good to say, again, Last Week of Radiation!!  So now that I’ve said that, felt good saying it, now I can say that in some strange way, I’ll miss going up to … Continue reading

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Was Supposed to Have the Stitches Taken Out

Monday is when I was supposed to go in, have the stitches taken out, maybe go up to the check-out Rehab. services, and also find out a little bit about the radiation services. Let’s see, here’s how it ended up: … Continue reading

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April 29, 2008.  Big day, new life, second thoughts, on everything.  It’s an amazing thing when at times you wonder, “Is tomorrow going to be here?”  I’m sure that goes through a lot of people’s minds, at different times, but when … Continue reading

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