What a wonderful weekend.  Great friends, great relatives, great gatherings, great events…the events keep going.  By the way, I’m speaking of last week, June 22-28.  I’m sure these situations will happen this weekend, the 4th of July weekend, but I started last week.  I had to go back to Chicago, and then to Peoria, my home town for a class reunion.  Who would have thought that this reunion event would be as great as it was?  I’m not sure that I would be in that group;  now I regress!  It’s funny how age and wisdom come into play with an event like this;  talking to people that you maybe spoke to in school, but now you really find out about a person, how their life has been, what their profession is, how their family is now, and before.  I appreciate all of this now, because we ARE adults, (I know, I’m stretching it here!), and it’s language that we all speak, because we are all the same age!  Dinner with old friends, social gatherings with people that we don’t see for YEARS, which adds to the excitement.  Top all of this with LAUGHTER!  That didn’t stop;  and there’s nothing better for you, for all of us, than laughter!  I think that we all know how stories go between friends: we tell stories from the past, we embellish the story, everyone else KNOWS that we embellish, but the laughter still comes out, the sides were hurting.

I know that this is my personal story, and probably not a lot of you guys can appreciate this like I do, but there are a few general aspects that I think that we all can appreciate.  Let’s start with the laughter part.  There is nothing better than laughter; and what is laughter?  Starts with a good mood, an open mind, (going back to the embellishment part), and just being there now, at that moment.  It means a lot, to look at someone who is with you, telling a story, rather than speaking with someone who might be looking around the room, catching only a line or two instead of the whole page.  It also means that you’re very comfortable with people you’ve known your whole life.  Even if we don’t keep in touch, you’re immediately back to being 19 at some event like this, and it seems amazing that you’re willing to change your immediate plans to something else, like you did so many years ago, rather than sticking to THE plan like we do in today’s world.  Today’s plan is the courtesy of “having a plan”;  changing on the spur of the moment is FUN!  Well, let’s just say it’s was the way most of us did that years ago, but every once in a while in today’s world…..go for it!  Let’s have you just go out, play it by ear, and just go for it without thinking ; do it, do it, do it!  You won’t regret it, and hey, I’m talking to myself here, as well as you!  It made me think think that the long range plans might not come about for all of us.  There was a “Memory Board” with pictures of those who have passed on, some of them with health issues at an earlier age, so that’s why I say to have some fun now, without having to think to much about “having fun”!

I also saw a lot of my cousins who I grew up with; they were my tight group of “friends”, that come out of the blue every once in a while, and call.  How great is that?  When you see their name on your phone, it seems that I start to smile before I even answer the call.  Talk about laughter and fun, with just a phone call.  I think that we should all do that.  When you think of someone, don’t hesitate on picking up the phone, because if you’re like me, you’ll forget, because life moves on.  When life moves on, we probably don’t remember the moment that could bring us a big smile, and put us in a great mood!  Do it, do it, do it, pick up that phone!  I assure you, a good mood is much better than a growl!

By talking about changing plans, I’m sure that you all do it at work.  A problem comes up, on the spot you have to come up with a solution, or at least on a short time frame.  So what not do it on your personal time, or your “fun” time?  I have to think like this when I’m working; sometime I have to  completely change my plan with a client, depending on what info that they give me that day when they show up.  The problem is solved, so why would it be different in the ol’ fun times of your life?

My flight plan was flying into Chicago, so I called the lady who interviewed me back in December, 6 months ago.  The company was called Brainlab; they originate machines and devices which mostly address neurological traumas. We did the interview over the phone, so after I called her, we set up an appointment time where I would go down to their office in downtown Chicago.  It was great, because the office/showroom was SO cool, and she wanted me meet the marketing staff that wanted me, (I love this part) to be their FIRST personal spotlight story, and this company is all over Europe, with Chicago being their only office in the States.  We then had a Q&A about how I felt about my surgeries, about how I felt about the equipment that was used, (which was theirs), and most certainly, about the surgeon who operated on me, Dr. Isaac Yang at UCLA.  The meeting was great, actually VERY great, but the point here is that I called her out of the blue, had a great time at the interview, which could go further down the road.  This was because I went out of the routine, set it up on a whim; that’s why I say, do it, do it, do it!  You’ll feel so good when things take a turn!

I want you guys to have a great 4th of July, do some spur of the moment plans, and thank yourselves for doing something of pleasure for you!……….Enjoy!




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Rainbow:  n. A bow or arc of prismatic colors appearing in the Heavens opposite the sun and caused be the refraction and reflection of the sun’s rays in drops of rain. // A visionary goal.

Now that’s a defining moment, in anyone’s life.  “A visionary goal”.  It seems like the ultimate goal, a visionary goal.  I think that there’s so many ways to look at your Rainbow; is that the only thing that you want to achieve in your life?  Then what comes after, I mean what comes after the largest thing that you wanted to achieve in your life, that ONE achievement? I try to look at the rainbow from a different perspective.  I’m amazed at the diameter of a rainbow, the distance of a rainbow, the magnitude of a rainbow; the definition says that it “appears in the Heavens” so I think, sure, why not make our goals high and mighty?  I do, but I also have to realize that a rainbow is a multitude of colors; so that makes me think that I DO have a number of goals, and if they come together, wouldn’t that constitute the makings of a rainbow.  I try to think so.  My life has changed, as with everybody else; we all have had changes in our lives.  We all have to adjust, and adapt to a change in our life, but maybe it just means that now we have to take the yellow color, rather than following the red.  They go to the same place, and they reach the same outcome that we were going for.  As Vince Lombardi said, (one of the greatest NFL coaches who WAS a perfectionist), “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence”.

Do you think that chasing another color means that you might have failed chasing the red?  No, I personally don’t think so.  We all fail; we have to fail.  When you fail, you learn something, you learn how to win, to “change colors”.  Another NFL coach, Bum Phillips, said, “You fail all the time, but you aren’t a failure, until you start blaming someone else”.  I think that that is SO true.  I’ll be the first one to admit about the number of times that I “failed”, but it got to a point where I had to look at the situation, see the “color change”, and learn from it; I will still end up where the rainbow ends.  Blaming someone else, what does THAT prove?  It simply means that we are looking the other way, not looking at the problem(s), and if you are not looking at the rainbow, you miss the ending!  Following the rainbow, to me means to always, unconditionally, follow your heart.  That takes persistence, and hard work, but isn’t that the forum from where the rainbow comes from, “from Heaven”?   Work hard, the colors are going up, up, and up! We always feel good when we see success from hard work, because of the effort brings on a self confidence, a lightness!  Let your own light shine, you will automatically, ( and unconsciously) give other people permission to do the same!  The colors change, even on the way down;  but the ending is still the same, your goal!

I try to remember the rainbow throughout a day; oh I miss a few days, but I try to get back to what it means, to achieve what I wish to achieve.  Example; my book has taken about a year longer than I expected, but we’re finishing it up, and by the way, I’ve changed a few colors along the way, so maybe I wasn’t ready to get it out last year.  That was the color change, but we still end up in the same pot of gold!  Guess what, I might have to go after another color, but that’s just our life, changing when we see a street that ends; back up and change lanes!

I don’t know if this blog would have come out 10 years ago. Is it the wisdom of age, (maybe NOT on that!) or having something like a brain tumor, which brought on the concept of a book, and of course, this blog!  Color changing, I have no other option.  I have been a speaker to groups of people, I’m now at UCLA volunteering my time to talk to patients who have experienced the same type of injury that I have had to deal with.  I’ve become a mentor to a few non-profit groups which deal as support groups; kind of the same format as what I do at UCLA.  Where does all of this lead?  To the end of the rainbow.  I’ve had people that I barely know that are helping my cause; why?  I’ve changed colors.  I’ve had a few people join my ride, in various forms.  This goes back to following my heart, the rainbow, and trying to get to that pot of gold.

So go ahead, make YOUR rainbow, and shine with it!  Let everyone know what you’re doing, and lead them onto their rainbow, and remember, change those colors; the more the merrier!

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow
Blue birds fly
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Dreams really do come true ooh oh

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney top
That’s where you’ll find me

Oh, somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
And the dream that you dare to,
Oh why, oh why can’t I?



web:   www.playapersonaltraining.comY

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I’m assuming that we all like to make our own decisions, with those decisions putting us in the right mood, and that mood dictating our day.  I’d like to say that I do.  For me, it’s really not a control thing, (I gave up THAT a long time ago); I just decided that I don’t want another situation to alter my mood.  If a situation comes along, and I like what I see, I’ll definitely consider an alternate plan.  But if something happens to you that you used to play to, but it definitely put you in a rotten mood, why play that game?

I’m driving down the street the other day, right lane, and there’s a parking lane to the right of the lane I’m in,and a car pulls out right in front of me; I had to slam on the brakes not to hit the car, (guy driving).  Here’s the funny part; he gets hot at me for getting to close to his car!  Now honestly, I’ll have to tell you what might have happened 10 years ago, if this happened way back when.  Let’s say I’d get a little,uhm, hot headed?  As they say,  the dance was going to happen, and no matter which way the outcome would, that mood would stay with me all day long, or perhaps longer.  Now, let’s go back to “why play that game”.   Why would I let some absent minded person change my mood?  Over the past few years, I just think that I don’t want to be in bad mood, it’s that simple.  What did I do that day?  I laughed, past him up, and waved at him.   Sounds silly, right?  Never would have happened years ago; but today, I would rather be in a good mood, period.  Good moods are much easier than letting yourself into a bad mood.  The story, could end there, but let’s take it a step further.

I know that I like to be in a good mood; again, simple.  My suggestion would be to you guys, is to find out what puts you in a good mood. What is your hobby?  Is there something that you want to do, but something’s might be holding you back?  Let’s take that “control” thing, and just toss it out.  I’ve had this discussion with most of my clients, when I first meet them after they call me, for training, or circuits, whatever they might be interested in.  I’m telling you this, because what they just did, (calling me), was the biggest move they could do, and the rest is downhill.  I can’t tell you how many people tell me how long it took them to pick up that phone, an call.  It’s a huge action, and the longer that one waits to take the first step, in whatever that they are interested in, makes that first step seem enormous, when it is actually small.  The smartest thing that you can do, is to know what interests you, and just go for it.  Sometimes a “change” in our lives seems to be SO big, and after you make that first move, it’s like, “what’s the big deal”, I can do this, and it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

So now let’s go on to something you know you should do, but your reaction is something of a “NO”!  Let’s say a Dr. made a suggestion, or even worse, a demand on what you need to do.  From the fitness side, here’s a suggestion.  Make the call; whether it’s to a gym, a fitness consultant, or to your friends to see if you can recruit a few people to join you on your new “change”.  That would be your hardest step.  The next step gets much easier.  The first thing that I ask a person when I first meet with them, is what do they enjoy doing, what IS their hobby?  I can use their answer to that to recommend a few movements, that would give strength, and flexibility to the areas that would be used in their hobby.  That way, it doesn’t seem like “THE workout”; it’s something that they might enjoy.  If you want to join a gym, go in there, look at the machines, look at their classes, see if anything they offer starts to interest you.  Don’t mistake anything here, DO WHAT INTEREST YOU.  If that gym doesn’t have what interest you, that will be a waste of money, and it might put a little funk in you, knowing that you’re paying for a gym, and not using it.  Do what interests you.  It could be a great move to recruit one of your friends to join you, and both, ( or more!), of you can decide what you both like; this works well, because you both won’t want to cancel on the other.  The bottom line here is, when you are done with your workout, you WILL feel much because you didn’t cancel out on you workout buddy!

Believe it or not, this all goes back to the traffic incident; I want to stay in a good mood.  Obviously, I enjoy working out, so when I do that first thing in the morning, my day starts with a big rush; I really enjoy that.  Sometimes, we all get stuck in a morning of coffee, maybe a little news, or whatever.  Try this, give yourself something easy, commit yourself to one week, 7 days, of your hobby.  It’s a “change”, but it’s ONLY 7 days!  You can do that, 7 days, commit to only 7 days, and I will bet that you will see, that’s not so big.  In fact let me go another week, and on, and on…That’s how we change, little by little.  You don’t have to go from A to Z this week, ( in fact, I wouldn’t recommend it), settle for A to B,and then B to  C, C to D….and then you’ll start to see your progress; when we see progress, that’s an incentive to keep that change alive!

All of this means is stay in a good mood; bad moods are ugly!  Keep that good thing going.  Find what you like to do, put it in a little schedule, and just do it.  Keep it simple, just do it!  Stay happy, do what interest you, and enjoy your whole day in YOUR good mood….




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Our lives, our journey, is great, if not short.  I like to ask people,” what have you wanted to do with your life, and, have you succeeded?”  What I’ve found is that some people are very happy with their lives, and are nowhere in the status quo that they wanted to be in.  How is that?  What can make that happen?  What happens in a persons life that they are happy, and not in their dream world that they were dreaming about?  Life has many paths, and we all HAVE to choose one to take; is it the right one?  Ask yourself that.  When you have an answer, then let’s go a step further, and put a number in front of your name, to see where you rate yourself.  I think that this is a great reality check.  Go ahead, put the number there, and, by the way, there is no judgement from this side.

Everyone has to have goals, even one; otherwise, where would your actions go?  So let’s say that we have a goal, and we have a path that we want to take.  Something happens in ones life, and they then have to take another path, a path which doesn’t seem right to them, to achieve that goal, and they feel defeated.  I’ll admit, that happened to me in my younger days; playing pro football, (from college), just wasn’t in the cards, but that goal, which didn’t happened, made me move out here, which I had dreams of!  I figure that life is not much by what happens to you, as by the way your mind looks at what happens!  I always thought about living here; couldn’t be a pro ballplayer, so I got a degree, and come out here to be an engineer.  As we know, that job really wasn’t for me, so we moved on to something that I really wanted to do; help others in whatever way I could.  I knew that I knew fitness, and I figured that you can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lip, so that’s where I moved my life to, but who really told me back then, that in 30 years, you’re going to have a few brain tumors, and you better be in physical shape to be able to rehab yourself, so you can be a counselor to other neurological trauma patients?  Did I really come up with that thought? Would anyone?  Think about it; that’s why I put a 3 before my name.  I AM THIRD.  Very simple.  Due to everything that I had to rebound from; thoughts about rehab, thoughts about my job, thoughts about my future, thoughts about my physical being, I never thought that I would have to think about any of that kind of stuff.  Not the guy who wanted to be a pro player, not the fitness guy who gave to others,(and not knowing how much he was giving!), who then had 3 brain tumors.  I thought I was the healthy guy!  That’s why I AM THIRD!  God is first, look where I was headed, but look to where I am going,( at least where I think I’m going!).  A person’s start does not determine how he’s going to finish; that’s the way life goes.  You just go forward with no options; as one of the greatest NFL coaches said, (George Halas of the Chicago Bears), “Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it”.  I love l what I do, and I am still giving it my best.  I think that God had a hand in this.  My SECOND; is my family.  They helped me more than I think they know, in so many ways.  Support is the most important thing a person can get when they need help, and boy did I need that!  They were there, and hit the nail on the head, (no pun here!), when I needed it.  That’s why I am Third; people gave me a hand when I needed it, and that’s when I DIDN’T think that I needed help!!!  I knew that the doctors worked on my brain, but I was hoping that they would put something in to give me a hand!

Yesterday, I was at UCLA, speaking to patients to patients.  I went into a room where the bed wasn’t there, a female was the patient, but the husband was there.  The reason that they were there, the patient was getting a stem cell surgery.  Now, I had met them several times before, they were in an area where patients, for that type of surgery, can be in that ward for 1-2 months.  The couple were in their mid thirties, young couple, and I don’t think that their goals, or thoughts, originally were meant to survive the day without pain, or live a life of what others in that age range would be living.  But you know what?  He was beaming about some of the news that was given to him/her recently.  As I walked into their room, he had just finished reading a chapter of a book, and had read a scripture, a scripture that I was bringing in for him.  Coincidence?  He had no idea that I was coming, he was just reading.  I think that he had help, and I’m don’t really believe in coincidences.  I think I’ve said this before, that no matter what your actions may be,(large of small), you don’t know what will come of it, but if you do nothing, well, there will be no result!  So get out there, and do something for anyone, it will come back to you; tomorrow, next week or next year. I always say to try to do something for someone, and don’t worry if it’s the “right” thing; if you do it, then it’s right!  Most people worry that their action might be a failure, because they don’t really know that person well enough; well, here’s a quote from another great NFL coach, (Bum Phillips, Houston Oilers), “You fail all the time, but you aren’t a failure until you start blaming someone else”.  I love that, because it’s true; if you decide to do something for ANYONE, it’s right, it comes from your heart.  By the way, I think that NFL coaches have some of the greatest words, for everything!

Now get on out there, feel good, rate yourself, and put it with your goal, old or new.  No one is a failure, in my book, just try.  Try to just go out there, and do it!



















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MERCY: n.  an act of kindness,compassion, or favor;  something of good fortune or blessing.

Simple word; M-E-R-C-Y.  Simple actions; an act.  What is so hard about doing a blessing(s) in our lives?  It really isn’t that hard, but as we have seen, sometimes it appears to be; and it can take many, many, many paths, (Ahhh now I see Mercy, Mercy, Mercy…!).  This word, this noun, can stretch itself into so many areas; actions, fitness, music, religious beliefs, etc…take your pick, or take them all, it’s really up to you.  (On a side note, without looking it up, does anyone know the band that originated this?).

I love this word, Mercy.  The definition appears to be simple, but it can run very deep for some, and maybe it should.

Kindness can be the most important emotion to most people, and it sometimes can, again, be very simple.  An action, a thought; counseling someone through a difficult time in their lives, even just touching someone shows them that you DO care for them, right NOW!  Even though you’re just one person, you can be the world to that person in that moment!  What could give you more gratitude than to just reach out and touch a friend, a stranger, someone in need.  This is not hard to do, and I’ll bet that 99% of you have done something like this, and didn’t realize what you have provided to someone.  Sometimes, it’s out of habit, sometimes we are multi-tasking, sometimes we are just not in the MOMENT!  That particular situation is HUGE.  Try to think about times when you’ve done something, anything, and a few minutes down the road, you have no memory of what just happened.  This happens to everyone, you guys, and it just means that we’re doing something out of habit.  Try to give a person a smile, or simply “hello”.  That makes you feel good, and that other person, also. Simple, but very powerful.  Kindness says a lot about a person.  Show them Mercy.

Holding yourself to kindness shows up without even doing an action!  It goes a long way.

I’ve used this in my business over the years.  Sure, I want progress from a client, but showing them what they did right in, let’s say, in posture, or execution, or focus, puts them in a whole different light in their effort; isn’t that what we want?  Nothing matters if someone isn’t motivated, but focus and effort does. Little items of progress give someone hope, and that, also, is a HUGE word.  Hope gives us motivation, to keep going.  If someone gives themselves a goal, (fitness, or other), little notes of progress go a long way.  As I always say to clients, and also to patients that I visit at the Ronald Regan Hospital at UCLA, most of time you can’t go from A-Z by tomorrow, but if you can convince someone that they CAN go from A-B, and then B-C, and then C-D, that by the time that they get to M,N,O,P; look at the progress that they have made, but better yet, THEY will see the progress that they have made.  Kindness is of Mercy. You have provided “something of good favor”.  I dare anyone to tell me that a feeling like you just provided someone, doesn’t feel great!

From my own standpoint, showing Mercy to someone is so much easier than to be harsh to someone; no reason to go on with this particular point, because at one time, most have done this, so let’s just be in a present moment, and show a person a little kindness, and whew(!), you will feel great!

If you see, or meet someone who just needs a little kindness, try not to judge, and give them a smile, let’s just try to see through their eyes for a few seconds, to get a feel for their frown; it can work.  I say these words because I work with patients at the hospital, and I see a lot of unique circumstances.  I might see people who have just received wonderful results from a test, or scan; and also see those with a difficult future that they might be facing.  Each one deserves kindness, it helps, trust me.  Compassion for those that need a word, a sentence, or a complete conversation, can help them beyond what we can perceive that we can give them.  Go for it; pull that Mercy out of your hat, and throw it out there!  There WILL be those that will catch what you throw out there,  and this is not that hard.

Fitness guys, give words of encouragement, give your clients a little hope, tell them of progress; it gives them an appreciation of your compassion to them.  Fitness people, all of you doing whatever motivates you, biking, yoga, circuit training, roller blades, running, etc…give yourself a pat on your own back for your progress, after EACH workout; after all, “What’s a back for, to receive a pat for progress!”.  Keep everything simple, and you’ll see how simple Mercy can be.  Keep it going on, every day, do a favor for someone, smile, do something for someone WITHOUT them knowing about it, it becomes your habit, and ooooh it feels great!

Keep this going, you guys, and someone has to tell me how they are pulling this off!

Now, music people, tell me about MERCY,MERCY,MERCY….



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8A brain for fitness, for gratitude, for appreciation. Humbleness fits into that category; so does spiritual praise. Each of these arenas, (and many more!), have come into my life because of friends, and God. People say how I’ve been so “lucky”, I say how I’ve been blessed. Here’s my story, my pitch:

I have a baseball-sized tumor pressing on my brain, (over 8cm, a baseball is around 7.25 cm), which I didn’t have any knowledge about at that time, (April,2008), and I’m dating a girl who knew something was wrong with me due to my actions faltering, and my speech weakening, and since her uncle is a doctor at UCLA and advising her to bring me in due to a seizure that I didn’t know that I had, and she did, and me not knowing what the hospital plans are for me,(which is how our $52,500 fits in), and how TWO of my friends, without me knowing any of the “plan”, put up that $52,500, and me having the operation to take that tumor out, set up by family and friends, because the brain that I had back then couldn’t process all of this, which led to my rehab which I had to start practicing my own preaching, since that is MY business, which then led me to NOW talk to neurological trauma patients at UCLA, to show them that I not only had an 8cm tumor taken out of my head, but that tumor decided to come back to my brain, (because it loves me, perhaps?), so we had to do the same operation to take that thing out of my head in September of 2010, to tell them, (the patients), this is what I had to do, but I’m now walking INTO your room, and you, too, can do this if you persevere, have faith, and BELIEVE in yourself to put you back in control of your life! WOW! That’s a mouthful, and that only about 10% of the complete story!

That’s all you get!!!

Ok, now you have it.  I’m putting myself out there; something I guess I am supposed to do, because I hate to “put myself out there”!  This is a paragraph out of my book, which is pretty much done, but I have seemed to hit a stopping point about bringing everything in the book together, so I guess I have to do THIS, putting myself out there, so I HAVE  to get it done, (or my face won’t be smilin’ too much!).  It’s been strange about what was the most difficult actions for this, and what was the easier ways to go; sometimes they get turned around, what I thought would be hard was simple, and the turn around on the “easy” part. I wanted to be done by the end of 2015, but that “stopping point” kind of stalked me, so I had to call in my back-ups, and move forward!   Now there are no options, don’t want you guys throwing pie in my face, (unless it’s apple, my favorite).

So, why am I doing this?  Why would ANYONE do this?  To make a point, I have to do what I commit to do, no re-do’s.  I’m doing this to myself; so why don’t you make a commitment to yourself, and unlike me, without anyone looking at you, make a little empowerment to yourself.  It’s a new year, (see, I can still remember!), think about your future, and how health and fitness  can be your fountain of youth.  It doesn’t have to be down&dirty gym days, times have changed, and so has health routines.  There are a lot of DVD’s out there that tell you how to meditate, workout, cardio movements, balance routines, stretching, yoga….just so many things to let you find something to motivate you.  That’s all it takes, motivation.  It can be walking, and with a friend to chat with!  Or, it can be hardcore routines from a gym, or a beach, or a circuit, just multitudes of what can motivate you!  Do it; I will guarantee you, once you start on something that you’re motivated by, it will be everything to you, trust me on that.  When it gets a little warmer, I will start circuit training classes at the beach, like last year.  I still go down there now, but you do have to dress warm, and if you want to “hit the beach” in this beautiful weather, call me and we’ll do it!  Everything that is done, is done at a pace that fits into one’s abilities.  We’ll make it happen!  Otherwise, come to my studio, and we’ll have so many toys,(as I like to call the equipment!), you can’t help but have fun!

Here’s the point on all of this; I’m putting myself out there to you guys, to push myself to reach my accomplishment that I pulled out of my hat.  You can do that, also, by just making a commitment t yourself, no one is judging you, because it’s for you.  Do that, I will help in any way I can, just do it.

You can always find me on my website;  My blog:

Have some fun, put yourself out there, and put that smile back on that face!

Best wishes, and make today, tomorrow, and every day, YOUR day!


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Awwww, isn’t this time of the year wonderful.  It’s the end of 2015, the beginning of 2016, and the making of a new commitment, for the new year; or so it seems.  The question arises in my brain, ” Why wait?”, for the new year, and why does it have to be a “new commitment”?  Why not make your “commitment” a part of your life?  Of course, I’m always raising this question for the fitness program that should be in everyone’s routine; but let’s put this in your thinking process, in your actions, in your compassion towards other people, also in your patience with others.  I’m using this phrase in the action of giving; isn’t this the “giving season”?  Think about it; your commitment to an action is actually a commitment to yourself.  Giving a smile to someone will actually make butterflies flutter in your belly!  Saying hello to a stranger will put  a smile on YOUR face!  Giving up your seat to someone else in a crowded environment, will seem like “pushing it forward” to those who witness that action.  As you can see, these are all small, almost non-describable actions, but it comes from your heart, your compassion, and it then becomes you, part of your personality.  No one can punch that out of you, because you are just being you!  That is your part of your commitment that ends up coming back to you, in a very gratifying way.  So, what do you think, could this be  “appreciating the new life”???

When we start making these small changes in our way of life, we really do see how one of our actions can affect another person, and how it then, affects us.  This is all about our “commitments” that we make, and we can see the progress of how simple “commitments”  can be made, and how it can affect our personality.  Let’s take this back to fitness, making a commitment to do something SIMPLE, for yourself.  Does this mean taking a walk around the block, or sitting for 10 minutes alone, letting your mind go free, (remember, this is YOUR time, so make it known to your family;  please, give me MY time, my 10 minutes).  This is your commitment, and it could be so simple, so easy.  If your time frame is honestly 15 minutes, I can give you ideas on some multiple muscle movements, that you’ll not want to do 16 minutes!  By the way, this could be humorous, or not; it really depends on what motivates you.  If smiling at someone makes you tingle inside, because it’s now part of you, then engage in that as often as you can, because you will fill better on the inside, and that feeling could be a better feeling than any other commitment you’ve made in the past, a commitment that really didn’t motivate you.

My commitment to myself is to try to help someone every day.  Wow, big deal!  But to me, it is!  It could be “that smile”, or putting their garbage can back in it’s place after the garbage truck put it in an obstructive path, or speaking with my 90 year old neighbor who just wants to say hi, and maybe keeps you there, because she likes company and doesn’t see too many people, or try to push myself in my workout to find out my extremes.  It doesn’t matter what action that I take, these are things that motivate me; and that is the secrete,  to find out what motivates you.  If your able to do that, then you are not abiding to the “commitment”, you’re living your life because what you’re doing is helping you, because you are doing what motivates you; it’s just that simple.  Try doing that, appreciating the new life, it will make a big difference in how things are perceived in your world!  It really comes down to your kindness to others, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your warm greeting, (am I being a softie here?!), no one would know what you’re doing for yourself, and that’s the way it should  be.  It does catch on with others, (ie, giving someone your seat).

I would like to offer all of you, a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year; help others out, make your insides tingle because of this action, and do something that motivates you, because then you WILL feel great!  Put some fitness in your life, something easy and comfortable, and then we can talk/text/email on how we can share progress for your effort on all of this.






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veteran:  adj.– a person who has served in a military force, (in a war);

VETERANS DAY:  n; November 11, a legal holiday in the commemoration of the end of WW1, and in honor of veterans of the armed forces, ( formerly Armistice Day).

Isn’t this holiday special?  It’s a day when a special group of U.S. citizens assigned their lives to the freedom of this country; and boy, did they do it!  I think that that’s the the best of a commitment to anyone, or to anything.  It epitomizes how great a U.S. person can be.  My Dad is one of those people.

My Dad served in Korea, 1953-1955.  That doesn’t sound like a long time, but there’s a little story here.  Dad had to go to Korea 2 weeks after marrying my Mom.  Also, Dad was playing baseball in the Yankee organization, in the middle of his prime baseball days.  After 62 years of marriage to my mom, they’re still having a glass of wine every night; they might even throw in some cheese and crackers!  I personally think that the commitment to his country, also encouraged his commitment to my mother,  after 62 years!!  I also think that being a veteran, helped his decision on what he would do the rest of his life; becoming a police officer.

Aside from keeping the “bad” guys off of the streets, dad provided the “other” side of a policeman, helping people, with several other interests.  He played Santa at Christmas.  I played Little League baseball, and the team was sponsored by the Peoria Police Department, so dad asked the Peoria Police Benevolent Assoc. to pay for our entire team for a trip to go and see the Chicago Cubs play a game Wrigley Field!  And they did!  What a trip that was.  Dad and 3 or 4 other dad’s drove us up there.  I’m from Peoria, Illinois, so we were about 2 hours from Chicago, and Wrigley; you would think that would seem like eternity to a 9 and 10 year old kid, but it wasn’t.  We stopped about half way up, and had a lunch at a family style restaurant, eating fried chicken!  What could be better?  That’s nothing, compared to what was available to us at the ballpark.  Anything we wanted; hot dogs, sodas, souvenirs, popcorn, and we all, (the team), ate every time one of the soda  guys, (as we called them), came around!  I won’t tell you what happened later in the night,  (after eating more than I could handle!), after getting home, but it wasn’t pretty!  We did that 3 or 4 years in a row, what a memory.  He coached me in basketball,  and after I became “of age”, (or maybe a little before!), we went out for a beer.  Again, what could be better?  All of this from a policeman, who went to Korea, to defend our country.  All of his commitment instilled by not only his family, but also from his country.  That’s what a veteran learns, commitment, and loyalty.

I just wanted to say Happy Veterans Day, not only to my Dad, but to all the others who have served our country; from the beginning of our nation, to our present time.  I salute you, and admire you, and what you’ve done.

I love you Dad, (ok, have that second glass of wine today!),  and to all the other families who have a/or more veterans in their family history.

Please enjoy the freedoms of our country, as it was written in 1776.



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MENTOR:  n.,   a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

This definition kinda make me feel like a “mentor” is superior to us.  It’s a very definitive word, and sometimes I wonder if I could be one of those guys; ANSWER= YES!!!  We all are, and I’m here to tell you that we all have something within us that made us a mentor to “someone”.  We might not even know who we impacted, but we did.  I’m no better than any of you, not even better than one, but please try to remember this; to the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.  Think about that, if you’re a teacher, how many children,(or adults) have you impacted?  If you’re a policeman/policewoman, how many young people have looked at you and know that you put your life on the edge EVERY day, and you still inspire them to want to be “on the force”.  How about a fireman; those who seem to have the gravy job at their firehouse, but then have to go into a fire at a house, or a commercial building; or using on of their EMT’s to save someone’s life.  That is a a humbling feeling, to go out on a job as it comes, and save someone’s life.  Unbelievable.  How about the engineer who creates, or fixes a project that promotes safety to the public.  let’s step way over to the other side, a waiter at a diner, you’ve just served a MEAL, to someone who may not have eaten all day, or two days, or maybe three… and you just gave them something continue their life!

This can go on and on, Doctors (and I can’t go on without giving thanks to a special man in my life, Dr. Isaac Yang!), nurses (who REALLY are my mentors, or should I say “idols”!), housewives who put life into a newborn, and give them a spirit and a soul just by being with with them, on and on…please acknowledge yourself as a mentor! Someone is always looking, and admiring you; so please be observant as your day goes on, and even saying “hello” to someone could brighten someone’s day, know that!

I’m a fitness consultant, we all know that.  Am I a mentor?  There was a long time when I would have said “no” to that.  What so difficult about teaching someone to train, or to help them with an injury?  I will tell you this; I always ran away from my strengths, because I wanted “more”.  More of what?  That’s a question I can’t answer, because I don’t have an answer.  What I do know, now, is that people contacted me with questions about themselves, and how can l help them with what I know; my expertise.  We ALL have that, some sort of expertise, and I’ll bet you that finding your expertise it so simple for you, because it’s something that is one of your strengths.  It is you.  Just being YOU is the most fabulous thing that you have; no one can duplicate “you”.  Oh, someone might try, but there’s only one of “you”.

I work with people, so it’s my obligation to really listen to what they are saying, and get to know them, fast!  I don’t judge them, that’s not my job, it is to know them, so that I can try to make their day a little brighter.  If I can get them to know and have confidence, in what I’m trying to explain to them, then we’re on the right road.  Now, this is what I’ve been doing for almost 30 years, (oh boy…..), so I do have a little rehearsal going on here, but I really do try to look through their eyes, and see where they would like to go, so we might get on that road together.  Sometimes we might have to compromise, but that is the beauty of getting to know someone; you’re not “bowing” down to them, you’re also teaching them your thoughts, to enlighten their thinking, “mentoring” them!  That’s the point, here, is it this thought process can be a a word, a phrase, an action, or your complete way that you run your life, that can affect someone.  You are a terrific person for just being you!  Give yourself a break, and pat yourself on your back, you definitely deserve it.

I also think that if you think back to your background, from when you were young, maybe even when we were kids, or to last week, as an adult, what phrase sticks out in your mind, or even a word?  Who was it that said or did, “whatever”, something that means something that stays in your mind?  That was a moment of being a mentor.  It could have been that one moment, or there’s someone who’s has been in your life all along, that’s the mentoring TO you; but keep in mind, those are the same situations that you have been mentoring others.  This has been “you”, your whole life.

There is a reason that this thought of mentoring came into my mind; we all are a part of it.  Mentoring is simple, basically,it is us being us.  Very simple.  Some people have days that aren’t their best, they might be in a depressed state, but please try to remember how you have been influencing others; you’ve empowered them with some sort of knowledge, your knowledge.  You not only can be a special person, you ARE a special person, keep telling yourself that.  Every day, know that you’ve done something special, and that it will happen again, today, tomorrow, and on, possibly to the person you can’t even see.  Let that mentoring out, and as we’ve said before, “keep on truckin’ “!

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What a wonderful song, brings back wonderful memories, along with other kinds of feelings throughout the history of this song, (can your guess (1) who wrote it, (2) what year; (3) and who made it popular?).  Music can bring a lot of feelings to each individual; we are all different, some look at a glass of beautiful wine, and say it’s “half-empty”, or some say “half-full”.

ISSIS, Syria, Iraq, South Africa, Putin and Russia, our own lying members of Washington (I know, I know, I shouldn’t say that!); this paragraph could go on, and on, but why go there???  I probably would call that….half-empty???

My brother visiting me a few weeks ago, a third party friend of both my brother and myself came to visit us both; a boat cruise in Marina Del Rey; parents visiting; visits from my cousins; old high school friends just checkin’ in, and are now coming to visit; my dog chasing the water running down the curb to cut it off; me now going for a visit to one of my  high school (and college buddies) in 2 weeks; remembering my home town by a website called “You Know You’re From Peoria When….”; my people from Church, My belief in God, wonderful people whom I call my friends, (peeps!); speaking to people who are in the same position that I was in when I had to have tumors taken off of my brain, and telling them of my recovery, and they (the patients) can do it too!; speaking to a group of people of how I interact with patients in a program at UCLA called N.O.D.A., (No One Dies Alone),  how I still interact and have a cup of coffee with one of the greatest people in my life, who financially enabled my to stay at UCLA when my future had so many question marks; having dinners at fundraisers with a person who has put me back on earth, in more ways than just operating on my Brain tumors,(sorry Dr. Issac Yang, (an Associate surgeon at UCLA) I couldn’t keep my hands off of the keys of my computer, they just had to write your name!), and WE still have coffee at the hospital; trying to help my niece who has been chosen to join a soccer team called Olympic Development Program, a junior team for training for the Olympic team; having so many other peeps out there that have so many other things that they have done for me; reaching out to relatives, or other people that I have recently met that need a little purity in their lives right now; nurses that have helped me, over and over, (I call them my “idols”!); Dr.’s who treat me like a person, not a patient; friends from long ago that I’ve rediscovered recently; a beautiful morning this morning; a beautiful sunset last night; having dinner with a client last week that had so much laughter; finally figuring it out that having a “gut instinct” is a true from of knowledge, so follow it!; my parents are still on this earth, and at the age of early 80’s, they STILL drive 300 miles to come and visit me for a week and just talk,(most of the time!); cousins who tell me stories of our early childhood, as we laugh along the way; EARLY walks with my dog in the morning,(sometimes 4:30 due to work!), but enjoying the quiet silence, and waking me up FOR work!; FINALLY figuring out how to deal with something that I want to express; after having my own fitness business for 29 years and training myself for 40 some years (ouch!), and recently having discovered a different way of training for myself that I enjoy much more than I did 40 years ago; having 3 different dogs throughout their complete lives , all of them having different personalities, and I love them all the same; traveling to so many different cities with clients of mine; having lunch with one of my first clients (who is 92) from 29 years ago;…….these are the things that make me fill like the world is “half-full”.  It seems that this paragraph seems to be a little longer than the first on.  Yes, there is a lot of violence in the world, in our country, in our cities, in ourselves, but overriding all of that is the good in people, in ourselves.  It all depends on how we look at things.  I’m actually going to answer one of the questions from above; question #2, what year?  It was 1967; try to think of that period!  Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, The Revelation of self, Washington, the peace movement…this, also could go on.  But with all of that in our society, what record comes out? What Wonderful World.

What a Wonderful World Lyrics
(Words and Music by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele)

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shakin’ hands, sayin’ “How do you do?”
They’re really saying “I love you”

I hear babies cryin’, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world
Oh yeah

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A statement of Hope, of Faith in ourselves, morality of God, good God given thoughts that want to even the playing field.  Think about that, a lot of turbulence, but things did get better.  That can happen now, at this moment.  Why can’t it?  We have beliefs in what’s above us; I have a strong belief in God.I LOVE this song; and I want to believe that this can happen again, it did before, why not again?

Read the song, sing it if you dare!  Believe, though.  Believe in you. Believe in the fact that you ,yes YOU, can have an impact on our society.

Sing along, and have a wonderful, simple, happy day…..

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